EdenLoop launches its metaverse ecosystem

EdenLoop, the open-designed NFT Marketplace (CEO Justin Hur) has officially announced its newly updated homepage and Metaverse ‘Garden of Eden’ on April 11, 2022.

The company has currently refurnished its NFT marketplace, and plans to update BlockLoop System in Q2

EdenLoop is actively updating its NFT marketplace, with plans to improve BlockLoop System, E-staking, NFT Farming, and PFP WebGL Generative Art in Q4 2022. EdenLoop’s Metaverse ‘Garden of Eden’ beta test, VisualLoop System, DAO Community, Web Visual Network, and EdenLoop’s Metaverse ‘Garden of Eden’ beta test will all be updated in 2023.

Users can see Metaverse’s rapid growth, so now is the best time to start with economical substitutional reality, which connects the real and virtual world ecosystems.

Users can stake ETH or KLAY to receive ELT as a reward, or stake ELT to gain EELT incentives (utility token). Points are awarded based on stake volume, and points are used to level up users in the Tier System. Based on Tier level, an additional PFP Project NFT will be awarded.

The “E-NFT Farming” collection requires all NFTs acquired on EdenLoop Marketplace and PFP NFTs claimed via staking in E-Staking to be complete. A variety of NFTs will be used to complete the NFT collection. Each collection will earn the user ELT in a regular percentage according on the staking time and the type of collection.

Rare NFTs will be rewarded that will be tradable between users

Rare NFTs that can be traded between users will be awarded as a bonus for completing the “E-NFT Farming” collection. In the Garden of Eden, rare NFTs can be turned into EDEN NFT DATA (E.N.D.) and exchanged for products or EELT.

Players can use VisualBox to scan their faces and create avatars in the Eden Metaverse’s ‘Garden of Eden.’ NFT-lized data will be implemented as 3D NFT and will be able to interact with avatars in Metaverse. “What consumers want isn’t just a game in the Metaverse.

Garden of Eden strives to build an economic reality that connects the physical and virtual worlds. On a technological level, this is a condition in which real and virtual economies are indistinguishable. Users’ real-world possessions will be treasured in perpetuity in the Garden of Eden.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.