Elon Musk Explores Video Game Streaming in X’s ‘Everything App’ Evolution

Elon Musk Explores Video Game Streaming in X's 'Everything App' Evolution


X, formerly known as Twitter, is no longer satisfied with being simply another social media network. Under Elon Musk’s leadership, X has launched on a transformational path, with video game streaming being the most recent milestone.

During a current 50-minute live stream, Musk treated viewers to a session of Diablo 4, a popular online action role-playing game, highlighting the platform’s potential in this new domain.

During this stream, the emphasis was on quality. Musk aimed for clear audio, stable visuals, and an interactive comments section. The tech magnate succinctly summed up the experience, remarking, “It’s cool that it works at all.” While the streaming feature is still in its nascent stages, the smoothness of this initial presentation promises more to come.

What Lies Ahead for X

But gaming is just one piece of the puzzle since, as the stream progressed, Musk provided insights into X’s broader vision. He mentioned forthcoming integrations with Xbox and PS5.

Yet, in his characteristic style, Musk was grounded in his ambitions, acknowledging that while X aims to be a versatile platform, it doesn’t necessarily intend to outdo specialized ones. As he expressed it, the objective is to provide a variety of services while guaranteeing a user-friendly experience.

Furthermore, since its renaming, X has been constantly evolving. The shift from Twitter wasn’t merely cosmetic since it signaled a broader change in mission and vision. With Musk at the helm after the $44-billion acquisition, X’s functionalities have expanded to touch various aspects of the digital realm, especially the financial sector.

Inside sources hint at X’s payments feature initially focusing on fiat currencies. However, Musk, a known advocate of cryptocurrencies, has ensured that the platform’s structure remains flexible. This adaptability suggests that future updates might see more extensive crypto integrations.

Another significant stride in X’s financial ambitions came with the recent news of a potential partnership with eToro, a fintech entity. If these reports, as covered by CNBC, hold water, users might soon be able to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies without leaving the X app.

Musk’s Vision: A Global Digital Confluence

Super apps, like China’s WeChat, have redefined digital versatility, combining various services like messaging, banking, shopping, and more into one coherent platform. Musk’s vision for X draws inspiration from such media. If his aspirations come to fruition, X could metamorphose into an all-encompassing digital hub.

Considering Musk’s projections, X could eventually envelop a significant portion of the global financial system, offering services from basic banking to intricate trading. It’s a daring vision, especially given the complex regulatory landscape and existing competition.

However, Musk’s track record of defying odds, from SpaceX to Tesla, gives weight to his ambitions. While the path ahead will undoubtedly be difficult, with regulatory challenges and technical complications, if there is one thing Musk has constantly proved, he can convert vision into reality.

The continuing development of X demonstrates the fluidity of the digital world. As boundaries between social media, gaming, and finance blur, platforms like X are at the forefront, pioneering a new age of digital convergence.

Users and stakeholders alike are watching with keen interest as X charts its course. Whether it’s for gaming, financial transactions, or just social interactions, X is positioning itself as a central figure in the digital narrative.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.