EON engages in metaverse education

EON Reality, a global leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality and Knowledge Metaverse industry and education solutions, has announced a new partnership with the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority for a national rollout, which includes the EON Metaverse Builder.

merSETA uses EON Reality’s XR training. merSETA ensures the National Skills Development Plan is executed. merSETA does not actively educate individuals, but it facilitates training by providing materials, funds, registering moderators and assessors, identifying scarce skills, accrediting providers, evaluating training quality, and performing skills gap programs.

merSETA has six chambers: metal and engineering, automotive, motor retail, automotive component, tyre, and plastics. Six chambers represent 44,000 enterprises and 600,000 workers

Trainers and supervisors at merSETA-affiliated enterprises can use EON-XR solutions to speed up employee training, minimize infrastructure costs, and lower the likelihood of high-consequence occurrences in dangerous industries.

EON Reality’s technologies and lifelike models and surroundings allow merSETA partners to deliver “hands-on” training to employees without the logistical limits of working with potentially hazardous chemicals. merSETA-affiliated enterprises can better serve industries and protect personnel using EON Reality’s solutions.

“Like EON Reality, merSETA believes open knowledge sharing is vital to an organization’s and the world’s success”. Dan Lejerskar, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of EON Reality, is excited to help merSETA enterprises reduce inequities and unemployment in South Africa through high-quality skills development and training.

Wayne Adams, CEO of merSETA, says rapid digitalization and XR processes in manufacturing will boost Society 5.0.

Empirical studies show that simulated/XR training in Industry 4.0 better prepares learners/apprentices for the future world of work. It’s key to achieving the SDGs. merSETA is happy to cooperate with EON Reality, Inc., since thousands of South Africans will be equipped for Society 5.0, adds Adams.

EON-XR is the key product and content delivery vehicle for XR education and industry solutions in the knowledge metaverse. In addition, merSETA partners will train their personnel on EON-XR, EON Metaverse Builder, and other EON Reality products while providing comments on ideal usage for linked organizations.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.