eSports World Cup 2024 Welcomes Dota 2 Riyadh Masters to the Arena

eSports World Cup 2024 Welcomes Dota 2 Riyadh Masters to the Arena

In a statement made on X (formerly Twitter), the eSports World Cup 2024, run by Saudi Arabia, announced that Dota 2 was part of their roster.

“The #RiyadhMasters is joining the #EsportsWorldCup, and @DOTA2 is about to take the #EWC by storm!”

The Riyadh Masters, now officially part of the eSports World Cup, marks Dota 2 as the fourth title in a prestigious list alongside Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Starcraft II, and Counter-Strike 2. This decision highlights Saudi Arabia’s ambitious program to make the World Cup an annual landmark eSports tournament starting in the summer of 2024.

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Setting new records in eSports

The participation of Dota 2 in the eSports World Cup 2024 is not only a tribute to how popular this game has become worldwide but also an indicator that Saudi Arabia wants its eSports section to be taken seriously.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has focused on hosting the annual competition in Riyadh, hinting at unmatched prize pools poised to make eSports history. But what does this mean for the teams and the fans?

With the help of ESL’s seasonal tournaments, every team will compete for a place at the Riyadh Masters; however, they all need to score enough points to make it into the top 20. The trip to Riyadh will consist of fanciful games like DreamLeague and ESL One, where point dissemination features an aggressive edge and high stakes. This organized process increases the competition level and guarantees that every team getting to the grandstand in Riyadh is among the best.

A platform for global talent

The Riyadh Masters 2024 will feature open and closed qualifiers in seven regions, emphasizing the universal nature of eSports. This plan is responsible for assisting the expansion of the eSports industry, which will lead to a huge increase in GDP and the creation of thousands of jobs by 2030. The eSports World Cup, moreover, wants to be the biggest, helping out by supporting gaming and eSports and making Saudi Arabia a worldwide hub.

The presence of Dota 2 and the possible inclusion of League of Legends further demonstrate that this event aims to provide a mix-and-match platform for participants and viewers. However, the details of how these games will be hosted and which teams are going to play against each other to find out who is superior remain veiled, leading to speculation.

A new chapter in eSports history

As the eSports World Cup 2024 gears up to welcome teams and fans to Riyadh, the question on everyone’s mind is: What will this monumental occurrence contribute to the future of eSports? With rewards from the biggest prize pools ever awarded in eSports, Saudi Arabia seeks not only to host a tournament but also to sow legacies. This event will not only honor the best of eSports but also inspire aspiring players in towns and cities worldwide.

The energy building up towards the eSports World Cup is evident, and with Dota 2 joining in on it all, this only increases the anticipation. The world is watching while teams painfully prepare for the long tournament ahead as history unfolds. This is not just an eSports tournament, but the point where eSports becomes a force to be reckoned with, crossing borders and gathering people from all over who share a love for PC games under one roof.

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