Ethanim partners with Mechaverse War

Recently, the metaverse infrastructure platform Ethanim has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the well-known Japan chain game project Mechaverse War.

Both sides will use their respective advantages and skills in metaverse underlying technology, chain game development, and ecological building to jointly advance the growth of the metaverse industry and usher in a true decentralized era for chain game applications.

Ethanim will have an influence on the chain gaming business through Mechaverse War

Ethanim will have an influence on the chain gaming business through Mechaverse War as a result of this collaboration. The chain game Mechaverse War will be able to provide users with a seamless experience akin to centralization in a totally decentralized environment because to Ethanim’s revolutionary technological implementation.

At the same time, it can ensure the security of users’ payments, increasing their faith in Mechaverse War. In addition, the game has the potential to establish a more secure and immortal metaverse for users.

Mechaverse War aims to create the world’s first Real-time Strategy mech conquest game platform of metaverse

The goal of Mechaverse War is to establish the world’s first metaverse-based Real-time Strategy mech conquest gaming platform. It will create NFT derivative scenarios based on a playable gaming environment, engage in digital marketing and expansion of high-quality Japanese anime IP, and construct an open metaverse platform for Japanese anime using GameFi’s value link.

Through trusted computing technology, Ethanim tackles the challenges of sluggish transaction speeds, limited concurrency, and the inability to handle big and sophisticated calculations as a metaverse infrastructure platform.

It allows for quick consensus between nodes in the chain game; at the same time, the creative modularization of edge computing, virtual GPU, decentralized storage, and other technologies allows the system to expand infinitely horizontally, allowing the decentralized chain game to compete with traditional centralized games in terms of performance, increasing user enjoyment and allowing users to easily obtain the corresponding revenue.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.