‘Forever Has Fallen’ Launches As Metaverse Entertainment Advances

'Forever Has Fallen' Launches As Metaverse Entertainment Advances

Forever Has Fallen, a metaverse Web3 game combining storytelling and monetization elements, has officially launched on the Unique Network.

The launch of Forever Has Fallen (FHF), a web3 world that assigns players to the role of bounty hunters, is expected to combine the allure and lore of the metaverse. With Forever Has Fallen, players will get a first taste of what the metaverse will be like in 2024 after years of development and testing. 

On March 19, the much-awaited metaverse game “Forever Has Fallen” made its public debut.

Integrating NFTs

An audio story that offers a vital hint at the beginning of the adventure takes players on an immersive online journey that is similar to an interactive escape room. Players take on tasks and quests across numerous websites, social media networks, and apps in order to gain rewards.

There are three seasons to Forever Has Fallen, each with six audio episodes. Players face a number of obstacles in each episode. Every season ends with a unique twist called the “Ultimate Bounty,” which increases rewards for finishing successfully.

Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), which serve as entry passes, are a crucial component of NFTs in the game. The Polkadot blockchain is used to mint these BHTs, which allows for interoperability between various blockchains, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The sale of BHTs recently attracted notice for its extraordinary quickness, making it one of the fastest and most successful NFT launches to date. Within 20 minutes of the sale, 100,000 NFTs were minted, placing the blockchain among the top 20.

The gaming industry is rapidly changing as a result of the integration of NFTs and the metaverse, which gives users the chance to participate in virtual worlds, claim ownership of digital assets, and earn rewards.

The game plot

The plot revolves around the mysterious death of Swedish billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson and involves espionage, corporate intrigue, and murder.

Players take on the role of bounty hunters and must look into the murder as well as the deceased’s previous employer, a dubious company that offers digital immortality. Forever Has Fallen is extremely meta because it offers something similar to digital immortality—a metaverse.

As soon as they enter the virtual world, players can anticipate being occupied with solving riddles, finding easter eggs, and trying to figure out why “forever”—that is, the company that promised immortality—fell.

According to Kimon Lycos, Head of Creative at Forever Has Fallen, this new entertainment franchise is built with and for fans, providing an unforgettable adventure to which they can earn rewards for sharing and contributing. Lycos added that it’s comparable to watching a great movie.

Adoption of Web3 games

With Forever Has Fallen, the number of Web3 games garnering attention in the industry is increasing. Recently, the NFT card game Cross The Ages revealed a partnership with Ubisoft to launch a Watch Dogs-themed card collection, improving gameplay and expanding its player base.

Similar to this, Taki Games and Two3 Labs collaborated to release “Puzzle Smoofs,” a mobile NFT game that incorporates the well-liked Smoofs line.

The Web3 gaming industry is expected to grow to a market share of $14,255 million in the US by 2033, according to Future Market Insights.

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