G2 eSports Expands Global Presence with G2.iG Dota 2 Team in China

G2 eSports Expands Global Presence with G2.iG Dota 2 Team in China

To expand its global footprint, European eSports powerhouse G2 eSports has partnered with Chinese eSports organization Invictus Gaming to launch G2.iG, a China-based Dota 2 team.

This collaboration represents G2 eSports’ initial venture into the Dota 2 scene, underscoring its ongoing efforts to establish a global presence in the eSports industry. The team is set to debut at the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 major, a momentous occasion for the organization and its fans.

G2 eSports, known for its competitive edge in various eSports titles, has been strategic in its expansion plans. The partnership with Invictus Gaming, a renowned name in the eSports world with a rich history in Dota 2, signifies G2’s intent to establish a strong presence in Asia. Invictus Gaming, victorious at The International in 2012, brings experience and regional expertise to this joint venture, dubbed G2.iG.

Establishing G2.iG is a calculated step in G2’s strategy to penetrate key markets outside Europe. This venture into the Asian eSports scene is not G2’s first; their Wild Rift team, G2 Blacklist, is a collaborative effort with the Filipino organization Blacklist International.

G2’s growing global portfolio

The launch of G2.iG adds to G2’s diverse roster of teams, which now compete in nine different eSports titles. This expansion is part of a broader strategy that has seen the organization extend its reach beyond its European roots. G2 eSports recently entered a partnership with the ownership group of Version1, leading to their acquisition of a franchise team in the North American Call of Duty League. Additionally, G2 eSports has acquired key Rocket League players from Version1, further extending its involvement in the North American eSports scene.

G2 eSports’ growth strategy extends beyond acquiring teams and entering new markets. The organization has strategically partnered with entities that enhance its brand presence and operational strength. A prime example is its collaboration with M88 Mansion, a prominent Asian betting platform that is now the official betting partner for both the G2.IG Dota 2 team and G2’s Counter-Strike teams. Additionally, G2’s partnership with Stride, a grassroots eSports platform, particularly in Rocket League, underscores its foray into fostering eSports talent across various levels of competition.

Moving to a global and diverse fan base

G2’s CEO, Alban Dechelotte, expressed excitement over the new Dota 2 venture, emphasizing China as a priority market and the significance of fielding a local team for G2’s Chinese fan base. The venture into Dota 2 and the partnership with Invictus Gaming align with G2 eSports’ long-term objectives, aiming to reach a broad, global audience.

Dechelotte’s strategy for G2 eSports aims to establish the brand globally. This move is intended to extend G2’s reach in the international eSports market, contributing to its diverse portfolio.

G2 eSports’ recent venture into the Dota 2 realm and the Chinese eSports market marks a notable development in the organization’s history. This move into one of the most competitive and popular eSports segments aligns with the organization’s efforts to diversify its presence across gaming titles and global markets. Establishing the G2.iG team, in partnership with the well-established Chinese eSports entity Invictus Gaming, signifies G2’s entry into a market with a substantial and passionate eSports audience, especially in the Dota 2 scene.

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