GIWUS releases new AI application

Multinational inventors of GIWUS Technology haveinvented the world’s first fully-automated artificial intelligence (AI)-controlled fire safety system. The system includes an Ultraxs Robotic Firefighter and a Smart Application.

This ground-breaking system works in tandem with existing fire suppression systems and the metaverse to automatically identify and control flames in under 55 seconds, setting a new world record.

Ultraxs is a smart robotic firefighter equipped with AI

Ultraxs is a smart robotic firefighter that uses artificial intelligence to autonomously detect and extinguish flames. This system is intended to avoid uncontrolled fire spread, false alarms, the waste of fire-fighting supplies, irreparable damage and loss of human life, as well as financial and environmental loss.

The world’s first fully-automated AI-controlled fire system, which operates as a human brain to guarantee that it makes the best choice possible in all scenarios without the need for human intervention. It automatically learns the environment and uses artificial intelligence to perform in new scenarios.

Traditional fire alarms are unreliable because of the frequent incidence of false alerts. Ultraxs employs the fire industry’s quickest and most sophisticated fire detection technology, resulting in a 99 percent reduction in false alarms. This technology detects fire in less than 21 seconds, which is a world record.

Ultraxs features a powerful fire suppression system that can precisely aim and extinguish a fire in under 27 seconds. Precision targeting capabilities in the device cut property damage expenses by 99 percent.

This system is the first of its kind in the world to merge metaverse technology with fire safety. Ultraxs serves as a portal to the metaverse, allowing users to digitally monitor, intervene, control, and even educate themselves on fire detection and suppression procedures.

Smart application

Ultraxs has unveiled the smartest application on the market, which monitors the entire process from fire detection to extinguishment without the need for human interaction. It displays the location of the fire and allows users to view it using its Smart Application.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.