GodLike eSports Disqualified from Skyesports Champions Series 2024 for Ringing

GodLike eSports Disqualified from Skyesports Champions Series 2024 for Ringing

The popular eSports team GodLike Esports is no longer competing in the Skyesports BGMI Champions Series 2024. Skyesports has taken a firm stance against the rule violation known as “ringing.” The act of an unregistered player competing under the name of a registered player is called “ringing.”

The problem was identified on Day 5 of the semifinals when Gill, who was competing under the alias GodL-Pookie, was found to be unregistered with GodLike. The team first asserted that GodL-Pookie was Zgod, another player’s secondary account. Investigations, however, showed a different picture. GodLike Esports acknowledged that Gill, not Zgod, was the account holder, as confirmed by Skyesports.

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These results have led to the conclusion that player ringing has occurred, which is a violation of the SCS Event’s fair play policies.

GodLike Esports is disqualified

GodLike Esports was directly invited to the semifinals of the BGMI competition alongside five other teams, while 18 more teams qualified in the penultimate stage from the previous phase.

As a result of the ringing, Skyesports announced that Godlike Esports is hereby disqualified from further participation in the ongoing SCS event. GodLike was disqualified for this unacceptable violation of fair play regulations. Only 23 teams are left in the semifinals after their exit, with the top 16 going to the Grand Finals.

Additionally, Skyesports revealed in the statement that the management has also received confirmation about the allegation from GodLike Esports. They said:

Upon further scrutiny, we have received official confirmation from Godlike Esports indicating that, on day 5, the account in question was not operated by GODL-ZGOD. Instead, it was brought to our attention that GODL-GILL, a player not registered with Godlike Esports, participated using the aforementioned account. In light of these findings, it has been determined that player ringing has taken place, thereby violating the fair play regulations of the SCS Event. Consequently, we regret to inform you that Godlike Esports is hereby disqualified from further participation in the ongoing SCS event. 

This is a significant setback for GodLike, who have been having challenges in the BGMI scene. Apollo was a recent addition to the team, but their performance in the semifinals could have been better across all 20 matches.

GodLike’s disqualification serves as a stern reminder of how crucial it is to uphold the integrity of the game and the rules governing esports competition. Skyesports’ resolute action reinforces the message that fairness and transparency are critical in competitive gaming.

GodLike reacts to the disqualification

Godlike revealed in a statement that the team manager and analyst of Godlike Esports chose to play a different player. The firm said that this incident occurred because their BGMI team participated in many events.

According to their social media pages, they find it necessary to address a situation that unfolded unbeknownst to their upper management. They added that while the team was actively participating in various events, an unfortunate incident occurred involving a ringing case within their organization.

Additionally, the statement stated that the Team Manager and Analyst, are no longer part of Godlike Esports, and they apologized to their fans, sponsors, and the esports community for any inconvenience caused.

As a result, the group will concentrate on the next Battlegrounds Mobile India Series in 2024. The club’s primary goal will be to earn a respectable spot in the forthcoming competition, as they were unsuccessful in several BMI major competitions last year.

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