Google Opens Up Access to its Search Labs with Generative AI

Google Opens Up Access to its Search Labs with Generative AI

Google has started rolling out its AI- powered search beginning with opening access to Search Labs, its new home for testing search features. One of the key outstanding features in Labs is the Search Generative Experience (SGE).

SGE puts an AI-generated summary at the top of search results across Google.

The generative AI powered search experience will help users take some of the work out of searching. This latest development is part of its experimental Search Labs program which allows one to access early experiments from Google.

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According to the tech giant, the AI capabilities helps users understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily.

For instance, if a user asks information about a certain topic, instead of directing them to Wikipedia or Google’s infamous “10 blue link,” Google will generate a few paragraphs of information and offer the user a few links for further studying.

“So instead of asking a series of questions and piecing together that information yourself, Search now can do some of that heavy lifting for you,” explained Google in a blogpost.

Basically, Search’s new AI powered snapshot will break down larger topics into bite-sized pieces so users only see what matters most to the subject.

Beneath these new snapshots, Google has included an “ask a follow-up question” button. Additionally, there will be a few suggested “next steps” to help users into a more conversational experience with Google’s AI software.

Could SGE be the biggest change to Google Search?

The Google SGE was revealed at Google I/O 2023 earlier this month as the company’s infusion of controversial AI into the classic search experience.

The tech giant says that the introduction is an experiment and its first step in adding generative AI Search, and will be making many updates and improvements over time.

According to David Pierce, SGE may be the biggest change in the history of Google Search, adding it’s going to be fascinating to see what early users encounter.

It could also have huge ramifications for how people search and even what they search for.

“It’s going to upend the SEO industry, as everyone fights to be in the AI summary rather than in the links now pushed down below,” he said.

If users get what they need from summaries and thus don’t click off the pages as often, it could change the whole business model of the web.

“Google has talked about being both bold and responsible in its rollout of AI, but now that these features will be in users’ hands, all bets are off,” adds Pierce.

Other features

In addition to SGE, Labs also includes two other features, Add to Sheets and Code Tips. Add to Sheets puts a button next to every link in user’s search results that will add that link to the Google Sheet of their choosing.

Code Tips is a large language model based system specifically for helping users write and fix code.

Accessing the features

But to access these, users should be signed up with Search Labs program.

The latest features are currently available for users in the US, although the company has indicated plans to expand to other countries.

Users who have registered for Search Labs will be informed via email about the release of the latest generative AI capabilities in Search.

Individuals interested in enrolling can access the Search Labs icon on the most recent Google app version (Android and iOS) or on Chrome desktop.

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