Grumpy Cats is an enjoyable NFT collection

The Grumpy Cats NFT Game is a strategy game that is built on a stake-to-earn model. The game is available to all owners of Grumpy Cat NFTs, however there are only 4,200 copies available for purchase. Mint price: 1.5 SOL

In total, there will be one kingdom and six distinct clans to choose from in this game

Each of these six clans (ice, volcano, sand, wasted land, cyber, and jungle) have an equal number of grumpies in their ranks. Very quickly, the grumpy map will reveal the whereabouts of all of the clans as well as the kingdom.

When the game begins, everyone of the holders will be able to basically stake their NFTs, and they will continue to receive weekly payouts as they have in the prior projects. In a different way, the location at which the stakes will be decided to be decided matters in the grumpy wars. That is to say, Sand Grumpies can be staked on the Volcano’s Area, or a Wasted Land Grumpy can be placed on Cyber’s Area, and staking is conceivable for any and all other possible combinations as well.

All of the owners are eligible to receive rewards simply for staking their NFTs; however, if the same clan holders can effectively communicate, plan, and organize their activities in order to carry out successful raids on other lands or to take control of the kingdom, they will be eligible for even greater rewards. For instance, if the Sand Grumpies were capable of invading any other regions outside Sand Land, they would generate a greater amount of revenue for themselves. However, it’s possible that the number of Grumpy Cats simply isn’t enough to pull off successful raids.

Calculating battle points on a weekly basis and the total amount of staking time is also important. Each clan fights with its own commander and possesses its own special advantage in combat. Clans can either prepare themselves to be more powerful or more vulnerable when they square off against one another. Therefore, in order to make some good raids or defenses, holders need to communicate well with one another.

“When all of the Grumpy Clans are compared to each other, there are not any stronger or weaker clans in those six, which gives holders with the opportunity to play a fair game.”




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.