H&M Offers Customized Clothing via AI Integration

H&M Offers Customized Clothing via AI Integration

The clothing brand H&M Group offers customers the chance to design their own clothing with a little help from generative AI and Stable Diffusion.

The integration will allow customers to make their own clothing from nothing more than a text prompt.

H&M Group’s Creator Studio

The H&M Group invites customers to design their own clothing in collaboration with the generative AI engine Stable Diffusion.

In theory, Creator Studio allows even the most creatively challenged individuals to produce designs with written prompts and a few button presses. The finished products can then be ordered from the Creator Studio website, with a single custom-designed t-shirt retailing from $11.99 to $13.99.

Dinesh Nayar, managing director of Creator Studio, says that anyone will now be able to create and purchase custom merchandise with ease.

“We can remove obstacles for anyone who maybe doesn’t have the skill sets of [Adobe] Illustrator, or any other design tool to create new cool content,” Nayar told The Business of Fashion on Tuesday.

H&M previously offered on-demand printing services to business customers only, working with companies of all sizes, from major corporations to mom-and-pop stores. Creator Studio is the product of combining this on-demand capability with generative AI.

MetaNews ‘designs’ clothing

MetaNews is set to test Creator Studio and find out its capabilities. Signing up for the website only took me a few moments, and I found the price of the apparel generally affordable. T-shirts start at $11.99, while hoodies begin at $28.99.

H&M Offers Customized Clothing via AI Integration
H&M offer a wide variety of garments to customize (Source: Creator Studio)

After selecting the garment type I want, I continue to the design page, which hosts the AI plugin on the left-hand side of the screen. I click on ‘generate’ to proceed.

On the AI interface pop-up, Creator Studio suggests several image styles, from ‘Warm Chrome’ to ‘Urban Scrawl’ and ‘Synthwave.’ The differences between these styles are not especially pronounced as far as I can tell, but toggling other filters, including ‘color theme’ and ‘AI creative freedom’, offers additional customization.

With my first attempt, I create a futuristic cityscape at sunset. Creator Studio allows me to resize the image and adjust its placement on the garment. I can even add multiple images to one garment, both front and back.

I like the brightness and colors of the city, so I eschew further image generation in favor of finalizing the design with the slogan “I like turtles” in green lettering.

Next up, I try something a little different that brings the world of animals, pancakes, and fashion together.

H&M Offers Customized Clothing via AI Integration
T-shirt designs (Source: Creator Studio)

Next up, I create something related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, stipulating a cyberpunk aesthetic.

My experimentation with Creator Studio leads me to conclude that it’s a semi-interesting toy that is at once impressive for its customization and pricing but also unimpressive in its limitations.

H&M Offers Customized Clothing via AI Integration
Cyberpunk Bitcoin (Source: Creator Studio)

I quickly became acutely aware of the squareness of every image, and the font options were minimal. It all becomes a little similar quite quickly.

Judging by Creator Studio, the fashion industry currently has little to fear from generative AI.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.