Hyundai to host metaverse event in Roblox

The new Hyundai VENUE N Line will shortly be introduced by Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the first provider of smart mobility solutions in the nation and its largest exporter since inception. The firm will introduce the Hyundai VENUE N Line in Metaverse as part of the Hyundai Mobility Adventure experience that can be found on Roblox in order to provide an exceptional virtual experience for the exhilarating new SUV.

Customers can receive a smooth virtual launch experience of the VENUE N Line by downloading the Roblox app from the Play Store on their smartphones or desktops in only a few clicks

Hyundai Motor India’s Director Mr. Tarun Garg, commented, “We have started a journey to take our customer experiences Beyond Mobility by developing and pushing the limits of useful technologies. We are happy to announce this one-of-a-kind experience made accessible on Roblox to promote this futuristic product through an immersive and distinctive vehicle launch experience on the Metaverse as we get closer to the launching of our next blockbuster product offering, Hyundai VENUE N Line. We are certain that this fusion of the virtual and physical worlds will forge solid and enduring bonds with the tech-savvy generation of today. We are very eager to see what exciting things will happen when Hyundai VENUE N Line launches in the Metaverse.”

The launch will feature a number of cutting-edge media experiences, including India Zone, Test Drive Track, VENUE N Line Zone, Showroom, Service Center, Mini Game, Photo booth, Treasure Hunt, and N Line Merchandise, to give users an engaging adventure on the Metaverse. Each of them will have a variety of immersive activities to provide consumers a unique and distinctive experience.

Users will also have the chance to personalize the Hyundai VENUE N Line to their desire, test-drive it on an oval road track, and even buy and sell the vehicle. In addition, there will be a huge number of additional websites that users may discover and interact with when the Hyundai VENUE N Line launches.

Users will be dropped off close to the event area from the Hyundai Mobility Adventure, which is immediately accessible through Roblox. They may easily access the event tab and location and take part in India’s first-ever futuristic mobility experience.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.