IESF’s World eSports Training Camp to Feature Tekken 7 and League of Legends

IESF's World eSports Training Camp to Feature Tekken 7 and League of Legends

The International eSports Federation (IESF) is set to launch its World eSports Training Camp during the 8th World eSports Summit in Busan, South Korea.

This venture is designed to provide eSports athletes from across the globe with a unique opportunity to hone their skills, learn from professional coaches and athletes, and pave the way for professional careers in competitive gaming.

The camp will focus on two popular game titles, Tekken 7 and League of Legends, offering participants a chance to refine their skills in these highly competitive arenas. However, it’s not a walk in the park to secure a spot at this prestigious camp; participants will undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the most promising talents earn their place.

The venue for this event is the Bexco Convention Hall in Busan, where the World eSports Summit and IESF Seminar will also be held. This location lets participants benefit from the training camp, network with industry leaders, attend workshops, and immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere of a major eSports event.

Guidance from the best

What sets the World Esports Training Camp apart is the mentorship it offers from seasoned professionals. Esteemed eSports athletes like League of Legends’ Liiv SANDBOX Youth team and Tekken 7’s Meo-IL and CHERRYBERRYMANGO (CBM) will guide the participants, helping them unlock their full potential and perfect their gaming skills.

The training camp will be divided into two distinct online and offline sessions. The online segment will provide participants with professional analytics based on their performance, allowing for remote feedback and improvement. On the other hand, the offline session will offer hands-on training, practice, and the opportunity to compete, giving participants a well-rounded experience to enhance their gaming prowess.

A global movement in eSports training

Around the world, countries recognize the potential of eSports and invest in training programs and infrastructure to support budding talents.

For instance, Saudi Arabia has been actively promoting its passion for gaming and eSports, with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman showing a keen interest in gaming, particularly Call of Duty. The country unveiled a substantial investment strategy for the Savvy Games Group, aiming to make Saudi Arabia a hub for game development that showcases Arabic culture.

Moreover, Hongguang University is leveraging SDVoE technology in Taiwan to create low-latency switching solutions for eSports training. This approach allows coaches to monitor players in real time and ensures seamless video distribution across multiple locations within the university.

eSports for learning and skill development

Beyond training camps and infrastructure investments, eSports and education fusion are gaining momentum. Companies like Estars have launched eSports for learning and skill development in educational institutions. This approach is gaining traction globally, with Chrisland Schools in Nigeria becoming the first educational institution in Africa to embrace eSports as a tool for education and skill enhancement.

Joel Popoola, Chair of the Institute of Directors Africa Group, who leads EStars’ expansion across Africa, highlighted the unique appeal of learning through gaming activities. This approach captures students’ interest and integrates technology into their educational journey, bridging the gap between traditional learning methods and the digital age.

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