Indonesian Presidential Frontrunners Entice Gen Z Voters with Web3

Indonesian Presidential Frontrunners Entice Gen Z Voters with Web3

The Indonesian elections are scheduled for this Wednesday, Feb. 14, and candidates are utilizing innovative approaches to capture the interest of the nation’s expanding Generation Z voters. 

Indonesian citizens will be casting their ballots on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Presidential candidates are taking several measures to attract the attention of an increasingly influential Gen Z population. One such strategy consequently is launching a Web3 gamified education platform by the campaign behind current frontrunner and Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto.

Youths will play a vital role in many of the 2024 elections, and young Indonesians will decide when to choose their next president. Over half of the eligible voters are under 40, and only one-third of the electorate is under 30. This has resulted in candidates taking several steps to reach this age bracket.

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Presidential Polls

Presidential aspirant Prabowo Subianto is currently leading the polls, having selected the 36-year-old mayor of Surakarta and son of the incumbent Gibran Rakabuming Raka as his running mate.

According to an opinion survey, the Indonesian Defense Minister is on course to secure over 50% of the votes in the country’s presidential election, winning in one round.

Additionally, based on a survey of 1,220 respondents by Lembaga Survei Indonesia (LSI), conducted between Jan. 29 and Feb. 5, Prabowo is projected to gain about 51.9% of the votes. Trailing him were former Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, who had 23.3% support and 20.3% for Ganjar Pranowo, the former leader of Central Java province, while 4.4% were undecided.

Wooing Voters with Web3

At a political gathering in December, Gibran informed attendees that the campaign was planning to focus on technology education to increase opportunities for younger people. He stated they are preparing blockchain, cyber, and crypto experts. How does it engage youth?

As the nation prepares to go to the polls, a gamified education platform called “Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO” was launched by the Prabowo-Gibran campaign. This platform is, as a result, aimed at engaging Gen Z. The campaign team teamed up with web3 infrastructure provider Saakuru Labs, leveraging the capabilities of its gas fee-free blockchain.

The platform, furthermore, is designed as a user-friendly app that allows citizens to download and play games, earn NFTs, and stay connected to the Prabowo-Gibran campaign. Also, animated figures of the two candidates, dubbed “THE DUO,” symbolize the platform’s overall theme.

What is the Web3 Initiative?

Undoubtedly, the web3 initiative is designed to drive engagement ahead of the elections, and it’s also part of a more strategic, long-term effort for the candidates. As stated by the campaign team, this initiative is also critical for reaching the younger generation in Indonesia, introducing them to the high-tech world, and stimulating them with opportunities that utilize their potential.

The Konco Kulo Gibran initiative, however, is part of a broader program run by Prabowo-Gibran titled “HILIRISASI DIGITAL.” This program aims to ensure active participation in advanced technology applications. It also offers Indonesian children access to learning and career opportunities in global technology sectors.

“HILIRISASI DIGITAL” was developed to contribute to the nation’s “Golden Indonesia 2045” vision, conceived by President Joko Widodo. The “Golden Indonesia 2045” plans, as a result, aim to make Indonesia “sovereign, advanced, fair, and prosperous” by its centennial year, 2045.

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