Inspur Information launches MetaEngine server

China’s top IT and cloud computing service provider Inspur Information recently launched MetaEngine, a Metaverse server used for real-time rendering of digital twin scenes, rapid generation of digital humans, and high-precision simulation following the laws of physics.

MetaEngine will be supplied, installed and delivered in April 2022.

NVIDIA A40 GPU and ConnectX-6 Dx Smart NIC are supported by MetaEngine. The former is utilized for professional visual computing, while the latter improves network performance significantly. MetaEngine also supports NVIDIA’s newest 3D collaborative work platform, Omniverse, on the software side.

MetaEngine can give a lot of processing power for building and running metaverses. Up to 1,000 VR/AR users may have a fluid experience of the 10K ultra-high-definition 3D digital environment thanks to a single MetaEngine that can enable the collaborative design of 256 Metaverse architects.

According on application scenarios, Inspur’s servers are separated into general-purpose servers, AI servers, and edge servers on its official website. Among them, AI server is a new category that has gained market awareness as a result of the emergence of AI technology.

Inspur Information placed first in the AI server market

Inspur Information placed first in the AI server market with a market share of 20.2 percent, according to the “Semiannual Follow-up Report on Global Artificial Intelligence Market” produced by data service provider IDC in the first half of 2021.

Unlike AI, however, Metaverse is a new idea, and market assessments of its uses are still mixed. Existing GPU servers allow metaverse applications such as digital twins, cloud gaming, and 3D collaborative work, according to experts, therefore Metaverse servers must be distinguished to become a new type of server authorized by the market.

According to IDC’s assessment on the worldwide server market in 2021, Dell, Inspur, and HPE are the top three companies in terms of global server shipments. The release of a Metaverse server by Inspur Information is a step toward further solidifying the company’s position in the server industry.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.