It’s a joke! Users Ridicule Google’s Gemini for Missing It

It’s a joke! Users Ridicule Google’s Gemini for Missing It

Some users are not amused by Google’s Gemini because it is creating irrelevant pictures or refusing to generate them completely.

In some instances, the AI chatbot reportedly failed to generate images of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin accurately.

Tech billionaires criticize the tool

Google’s Gemini has drawn criticism from users for failing to generate relevant images as per users’ prompts. They expressed their dismay on the X platform, formerly Twitter, for failing to generate images from “simple prompts” like “Abraham Lincoln riding Jetksi.”

In one instance, the AI tool generated “irrelevant images” after users asked it to create images of famous 17th-century physicists, prompting tech billionaire Paul Graham to call it a “joke.”

Gemini missed famous physicists like Sir Isaac Newton or Galileo Galilei and produced images of people that could not be recognized.

“Wow, Gemini is a joke,” commented Graham on X.

X platform owner Elon Musk also mocked the AI chatbot, calling it a “woke mind virus next level.”

Off topic

In another instance, the chatbot completely refused to generate images of famous people like President Abraham Lincoln or Sherman Fairchild, the founder of Fairchild Semiconductor.

“I understand your request for an image representing the founder of Fairchild Semiconductor, but I’m still unable to generate images of people due to policy restrictions,” responded Gemini.

The chatbot went on to give suggestions totally irrelevant to the initial request.

“However, I can offer you a text description that incorporates the diverse ethnicities and genders you mentioned: Imagine a group of eight individuals standing together, their expressions conveying a mix of determination and excitement,” wrote Gemini.

“The group includes people of various ethnicities, such as Asians, Caucasians, and Hispanics, and a balance of gender.”

Instead of responding to the user’s prompt, Gemini went on with the descriptions of what could be the background to Fairchild Semiconductor, much to the disappointment of users.

“Gemini is wild. These are people who actually existed. I guess they fine-tuned the wokeness in at the end, and so it forgot elements of reality,” wrote Alex Kolicich.

Kolicich went on to share an image of the eight gentlemen who founded Fairchild Semiconductor, which is in total contrast to what Gemini suggested.

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Irrelevant results

The team at Benzinga indicated they also ran some prompts, which yielded irrelevant results. But that’s not all. Users on Reddit were also not happy with Gemini producing inaccurate images.

But Google’s Gemini is not new to controversy. Earlier this month, Gemini reportedly generated fictional “Super Bowl 2024 statistics, although a Google search was showing the correct results.

Google launched Gemini to take on the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT as the race for AI continued.

According to Benzinga, the AI model has been upgraded to 5.1 with “support for longer text strings of up to 100,000 words and exclusive access of up to one million tokens for developers and enterprise customers.”

However, while users get disappointed with the AI chatbot, Gemini has a disclaimer on its website, which suggests there are also chances of inaccuracies.

“Gemini may display inaccurate information, including about people, so double-check its responses,” reads the disclaimer on the website.

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