Jobs In The Metaverse, Now and Tomorrow

The metaverse may be a world of the virtual, but metaverse jobs are very real. With the value of the industry estimated to be worth $13 trillion by 2030, it might be worth getting in on the ground floor.

Today the bulk of the work focuses on the formation of this new frontier, but over time as the metaverse is built, roles will shift from the real world into the virtual. Future metaverse jobs could also include such varied and exciting roles as avatar fashion designers and metaverse events directors.

Metaverse jobs of today

Working in the metaverse is something that is wholly possible today with a host of companies seeking to hire across multiple skill sets. Software developers will immediately find themselves highly in demand in this burgeoning industry.

For those who have not yet learned to code, no problem. There are a host of other jobs within metaverse-related companies worth looking into.

Job sites

It might seem counterintuitive, but anyone hunting for metaverse-related jobs may first want to try crypto job boards such as Crypto Jobs List or Cryptocurrencyjobs.

There are a number of crossover industries between cryptocurrency and the metaverse. One such crossover is non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be used to represent ownership of virtual assets of everything from virtual real estate to virtual fashion.

Alternatively, you can filter one of the major generalist job boards. Indeed is one site that has a number of metaverse-related positions.

Metaverse companies are hiring

There are a number of major companies dedicated to the metaverse and they’re building virtual worlds today.

One of the big hitters in the arena is Sandbox and the company is currently hiring across multiple positions in art, design and user interface, engineering, marketing, and other departments too. 

To check what positions are currently available at the company visit here.

Another of the major players in the metaverse is Decentraland and the company currently requires assistance in multiple areas. Of course, no metaverse job search would be complete without listing Roblox. The gaming platform has been a runaway success story and is recruiting heavily.

At the time of press, Roblox had over 200 job vacancies.

Metaverse jobs are here to stay

Chief Metaverse Officer

It’s good to be in charge. For anyone with loftier ambitions, the role of Chief Metaverse Officer (CMO) may be just the ticket.

A varied list of firms from Disney to Proctor and Gamble have already hired CMOs, but there is currently little understanding of what the role entails. For most firms, a CMO role will be heavy on research and strategy development.

Traditional industries are currently exploring how best to interact with and enter the metaverse. Any CMO is duty-bound to help develop that strategy and grow the business. The metaverse offers a myriad of new possibilities and a way for companies to get closer to their consumers. That means bridging multiple business units including product, marketing, and development.

CMOs must educate colleagues on the business opportunities the metaverse brings.

Chief Metaverse Officer isn’t the kind of role a person can simply walk into right off the street, but for the next generation of workers entering the metaverse today, it is one goal to aspire to.

Jobs of the future

While there are already a huge number of jobs that can be found in the metaverse industry, that list is set to continue to grow. Some potential jobs include virtual world designers and builders, who would create the environments and objects within the metaverse.

Other potential jobs could include virtual educators, therapists, and entrepreneurs who create and sell virtual goods and services.

Today, it’s still too early to predict all the varied roles that the metaverse will provide. The ideal metaverse job for you could be something that hasn’t yet been invented.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.