Join Delysium and Google for an Exclusive Evening With Leading VCs and Innovators

Join Delysium and Google for an Exclusive Evening With Leading VCs and Innovators

Join Delysium and Google for an exclusive evening. Connect with leading VCs, innovators, and pioneers shaping the AI powered Web3 future.

Event name: Delysium x Google – Web3 x AI Night

Destination: Festa Rooftop Bar – Banyan Tree Club & Spa, 60 Jang Chungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Time: September 6th, 6PM-9:30PM

As Delysium joins forces with Google we stand united to sculpt the future of virtual societies by harnessing the capabilities of AI , Web3 & Cloud technologies. Our collaboration is grounded in leveraging Google’s unparalleled expertise in cloud computing and infrastructure and Delysium’s advancements on the AI x Web3 forefront.

​Together, we aim to accelerate the journey towards Delysium’s vision:

​”Build a virtual-world where 1 billion people and AI virtual-beings live together”

​During the event projects can sign-up for the Google Cloud AI & Web3 startup program:

​Through the Google for Startups Cloud Program, Web3 projects and AI startups can access new benefits that give you the technology, community, and resources you need.

More about Delysium

​Our AI-OpenWorld Framework

​Our AI-OpenWorld Framework is not a game, a metaverse, or a social-virtual reality platform. Instead, it’s a set of tools designed to assist users in various settings. The framework houses two factions:

  1. ​Delysium AI: This includes applications like Lucy and our upcoming AI-Twins platform.
  2. ​Decentralized Game Publishing: A platform for publishing community-owned web3 games.

​Delysium AI: Lucy and AI-Twins

  • ​Lucy: With 1.4 million users, Lucy offers features like address verification, asset transfer capabilities, safety warnings, and specific web3 knowledge guidance. We’re working on Lucy Version 1.0, which will intertwine Lucy with the most frequented and useful platforms in the web3 landscape.
  • ​AI-Twins: Our upcoming platform, AI-Twins, is an attempt to simplify digital identity. It allows users to construct an AI-Twin that evolves based on their preferences and interactions across virtual societies. 

​Decentralized Game Publishing: Delysium: Center City

​We’re also developing a AAA blockchain game, “Delysium: Center City”, following a decentralized publishing model. Over 200,000 players have registered, and the game’s development continues to progress steadily.

Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.