Leo LegendZ is an innovative NFT project

The Leo LegendZ is an NFT collection of algorithmic pixelated characters that was designed by Pixel Banksy with the intention of expressing culture, personality, and individuality through their use of pixel art. Each leopard is one of a kind and was made using a fine pixel technology that was developed over the course of eight years of experience creating pixel art.

Each NFT is the result of an algorithm that combines over 100 characteristics. Six unique species are available right now

“We have already established relationships with the manufacturers of the one-of-a-kind merchandise and other products that we will sell. A lottery and ongoing giveaways are held in order to distribute a portion of the royalties collected and give something back to the community as well as the holders. Those who own a Leo LegendZ automatically qualify for a spot in the lottery.”

A spot on the whitelist can be obtained in a number of different ways. The requirements that must be met in order to gain access to the company’s Discord server are listed for holders. In addition, there will be whitelist lottery tickets, and anyone who holds one will have the chance to win a spot on the whitelist simply by minting a ticket.

Whitelist recipients have the responsibility to remember that merely getting on the list does not ensure that they will remain on it. Whitelist participants who are extremely inactive will be removed from the list on a regular basis by the organization.

Leo LegendZ holders will have access to a very limited selection of physical art products in addition to being able to stake, register trademarks, and participate in their own lottery system. Leo LegendZ is already collaborating with a number of manufacturers and suppliers who will provide holders with a wide variety of home goods, merchandise, and 3D products.

In addition, development has begun on a specialized printing service that will enable holders of NFTs to print their own NFTs on unique products that are not currently on the market. After the Mint, we also intend to adapt it for widespread use, and we will continue to collaborate with influential people located outside of the NFT area. Additionally, new members are being added to the team as well as employees on a monthly basis. Royalties will be used to pay the team as well as the employees.

The team and the brand are both expanded with the proceeds from the royalties, which are then given back to the members in the form of giveaways and prizes.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.