Manila University Introduces Bachelor of Science in eSports Program

Manila University Introduces Bachelor of Science in eSports Program

Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila (LPU-Manila) has introduced a Bachelor of Science in eSports program.

The BS eSports program at LPU-Manila is structured to provide students with an all-encompassing understanding of the eSports industry. The curriculum is carefully crafted, covering eSports production, management, game design, and development. This approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded education, addressing the gaming world’s technical and strategic facets.

In an interview shared by Pinoy Game Store, Dr. Arlene Caballero, Dean of the College of Technology at LPU-Manila, discussed the importance of the eSports ecosystem.

She highlighted the critical role of professionals working behind the scenes, especially in event management.

Dr. Caballero stressed that players are central to eSports, but the industry’s growth necessitates skilled individuals in various support roles. She emphasized the university’s commitment to addressing this need by educating students in these essential areas of the eSports industry.

State-of-the-art facilities for practical learning

One of the program’s most notable features is the establishment of an eSports lab and arena on the university campus. Equipped with the latest technology and facilities, this space offers an immersive environment for students. Here, they can gain real-world experience in various aspects of eSports events, ranging from production to management, providing an invaluable hands-on learning experience.

LPU-Manila’s introduction of this program reflects its efforts to align with current educational trends and address the changing job market requirements. With esports gaining significant traction and becoming a major industry, educational ventures like this are crucial in cultivating professionals poised to propel the growth of esports both in the Philippines and internationally.

LPU-Manila’s curriculum includes popular titles like Dota 2, reflecting the university’s responsiveness to current trends and preferences within the eSports community.

Collaboration with industry experts

LPU-Manila collaborated with Tier One Entertainment, an eSports and gaming agency, to develop the program’s curriculum. This partnership was crucial in launching the first eSports college degree in the Philippines, a report of which emerged in early 2020.

This collaboration ensured that the course content was academically rigorous and highly relevant to the industry, effectively preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in the burgeoning eSports sector.

The move by LPU-Manila echoes a growing global trend where universities worldwide, including in the United States and the United Kingdom, offer degree programs in online gaming and related fields. This move showcases the Philippines’ effort to nurture talent in this rapidly evolving sector.

Nurturing eSports talent

LPU-Manila’s decision to offer an eSports degree reflects its attempt at technology, providing students with a platform in a dynamic industry and contributing to reshaping the landscape of entertainment and competition in the digital age.

The introduction of the BS eSports program at LPU-Manila marks an addition to the university’s academic offerings. This program aligns with the increasing interest in eSports among younger demographics and aims to meet the demand for skilled professionals. With the growing visibility of eSports in mainstream media, the program at LPU-Manila is designed to equip students with relevant skills and knowledge, potentially impacting the eSports industry’s development in the Philippines and globally.

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