Metaverse Conferences for The Rest of 2023

Metaverse Conferences for The Rest of 2023

The metaverse may be the domain of the virtual, but some things are still best experienced in person.

Metaverse events bring industry professionals together, showcasing the latest in technology and innovation. They also give businesses a chance to network and meet leaders in the field, as well as thousands of potential new customers.

Here MetaNews looks at some of the biggest metaverse events for the rest of 2023, featuring events from around the world.


AWE is a series of conferences “Where XR business thrives.” Neal Stephenson was among the high-profile speakers at the U.S. conference earlier this year – an event MetaNews covered

There are still several upcoming conferences for AWE, with the first in Singapore. AWE is already taking bookings for next year, with Long Beach California earmarked for June 2024.


  • Singapore – August 30-31
  • Vienna – October 24-25

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TECHSPO is a global series of conferences where “business, tech and innovation collide.”

The conference offers a rounded program of events and exhibitors covering a range of technologies including the metaverse. TECHSPO now visits 30 cities globally and also conducts an international cruise. 

Some prime events are still upcoming for the 2023 calendar, including London, Singapore and Las Vegas.


  • Auckland – August 21-22
  • London – August 31 – September 1
  • Amsterdam – September 14-15
  • Sydney – September 20-21
  • Singapore –  September 28-29
  • Delhi – October 4-5
  • Johannesburg October 19-20
  • Cape Town – October 25-26
  • Dubai – October 10-11
  • Philadelphia – October 30-31
  • Dallas – November 4-5
  • Las Vegas – November 6-7
  • Phoenix -November 13-14

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Augmented Enterprise Summit

The Augmented Enterprise Summit is a 3-day specialist summit for augmented reality with world-renowned brands such as Airbus, Sysco, Boeing, Pfizer, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Shell in attendance. 

Previously known as the ‘Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit’, the Augmented Enterprise Summit bills itself as one of the longest-running events in the XR world.

Speakers for the next event in Houston include Jenny Taylor, digital transformation and innovation XR/VR lead at Duke Energy, Max Sikorski, VR coordinator at General Motors, and Angelica Garcia, simulation software and VR engineer at NASA.

If you’re looking to rub shoulders with the biggest industrial players, the Augmented Enterprise Summit is the conference for you.


  • Houston –  October 24-26

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Immerse Global Summit

Its Immerse Global Summit takes place in October of this year and includes VR, AR, spatial computing, and other immersive technologies.

It is also the summit supported by The VR/AR Association aka VRARA – an international organization designed to connect spatial computing providers from around the globe.

“With cutting-edge product demos and thought-provoking keynote speeches, IGS promises to be an unforgettable event that will allow you to explore the latest developments in immersive technology and shape the future of the digital world,” says Immerse.


  • Orlando -October 17-19

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