Metaverse Music Scene Expands with ‘Chooky’ Video Launch in TCG World

Metaverse Music Scene Expands with 'Chooky' Video Launch in TCG World

TCG World Metaverse now features the premiere of the ‘Chooky’ video, marking its first metaverse appearance with artists O.T., Elesia Iimura, and Busta Rhymes.

Recently, Chooky Records, a blockchain music label, and TCG World, an online virtual community sandbox, partnered to bring hits from O.T., Elesia Iimura, and Busta Rhymes to the metaverse.

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The official release of the hit recording artists’ “Chooky” video to the TCG World metaverse will be the first outcome of the two companies’ partnership. TCG World released a press release stating this is the animated video’s first public appearance in the metaverse.

“Cooky” Video on TCG World

TCG World began 2021 as a metaverse with Web3 collectibles, virtual real estate, and a marketplace where nearly everything could be exchanged for nonfungible tokens (NFT). It was advertised at launch as the biggest game on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain and the first 4K VR low poly game.

A non-traditional record label called Chooky Records creates hybrid, tokenized entertainment experiences by fusing digital music and NFTs. When Australian/Japanese singer Elesia Iimura and Nigerian recording artist O.T.’s song “Chooky” went viral in 2023, it became successful. The platinum-selling recording artist Busta Rhymes contributed his voice and likeness to the song “Chooky” for its November 2023 audio visualization and the TCG World metaverse experience. Busta Rhymes’ illustrious career has produced hit songs in five decades, including his highly acclaimed appearance on A Tribe Called Quest’s groundbreaking hip-hop track “Scenario.” 

Despite being relatively new to the independent music scene, Chooky Records’ infrastructure has received positive reviews from the industry. As stated in the white paper on Chooky Records:

“Chooky allows for artists to not be confined in 360 deals with one off contracts, higher % entitlement to royalties, a high % split from the royalty sharing NFTs, event management, promotion, access to high caliber marketing resources and introductions to some of the most high-profile artists in the industry.”

TCG World and Chooky Records

Partnering with Chooky Records is a significant step in TCG World’s commitment to integrating entertainment into the metaverse. The “Chooky” music video, which has already seen tremendous success on platforms like Spotify, will be streamed within TCG World, offering users a unique and engaging entertainment experience that bridges the gap between music and virtual reality.

Vice President of TCG World, Justin Del Giudice, shared his vision for the partnership, saying that collaborating with Chooky Records would allow them to bring a new dimension of entertainment to the metaverse. According to Justin, the metaverse premiere of ‘Chooky’ is just the beginning; they are dedicated to providing their community with rich, immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what virtual worlds can offer. He added that TCG World is not just a game; it’s a destination for exploration, creativity, and exclusive musical events.

The Chooky Records executive team expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership’s potential for the entertainment industry’s future by saying, “This collaboration with TCG World is a milestone for us at Chooky Records. It’s thrilling to see our artists like Elesia Iimura, O.T., and Busta Rhymes lead the way in merging music with the metaverse. The potential for creative expression and connection in this space is limitless, and we’re proud to be at the forefront with TCG World.”

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