‘Mission: Mars’ Immersive Game Debuts on Roblox

'Mission: Mars' Immersive Game Debuts on Roblox

The Museum of Science in Boston has launched ‘Mission: Mars,’ an educational game on Roblox. Developed in collaboration with Filament Games, this immersive experience benefits from the Roblox Community Fund (RCF), established in November 2021 with a $10 million endowment.

‘Mission: Mars’ is depicted as a three-dimensional interactive program aimed at involving a wide age range of students in the Engineering Design Process. In accordance with Next Generation Science Standards, it provides a digital environment conducive to both structured and casual educational contexts.

The museum enters the arena of virtual learning, targeting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through interactive gameplay that utilizes real NASA Mars data. The game challenges players to survive and explore Mars, incorporating scientific principles and data into its gameplay.

The gameplay experience

Participants navigate the Martian landscape using advanced rovers, undertake various missions, and collaborate in a simulated Martian environment. Players have the opportunity to wear suits designed for survival on Mars, traverse the planet’s landscape in sophisticated Mars Rovers, and collaborate on team missions.

These missions involve searching for signs of ancient water, gathering samples of water ice, and aiding in the rescue of other explorers. The experience also offers a creative aspect, where players can design and construct their vehicles, gaining both experience points and rewards throughout the game.

In addition to the interactive aspects of “Mission: Mars,” the Museum of Science offers a range of educational resources and support for teachers. These materials are designed to aid educators, whether novices or veterans in the field of engineering, in integrating the gameplay into their curriculum. The intention is to link the game directly with educational standards, providing educators with practical tools to incorporate “Mission: Mars” into classroom learning.

What the visionaries have to say

In an online post this year, the CEO of Roblox expressed enthusiasm about the platform’s collaborations with various educational entities. This includes partnerships with organizations like FIRST Robotics Teams, the Museum of Science, and Pathogen Patrol, which was developed in association with Project Lead The Way. The CEO reflected on how Roblox’s origins in educational software have been a source of inspiration for these collaborative efforts, emphasizing the platform’s continued foray into education.

Dan White, the CEO of Filament Games, highlights the realistic aspects of ‘Mission: Mars.’ He points out that the game’s mechanics and its environmental elements are grounded in genuine scientific concepts.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Kantar, Vice President of Education at Roblox, remarks on the platform’s capacity to facilitate the creation of compelling educational experiences. She notes that “Mission: Mars” exemplifies the type of interactive learning that both students and educators are seeking in today’s digital landscape.

Parallel developments

In recent related developments within metaverse learning, Lockheed Martin has been advancing its training and simulation technologies. Their focus is on creating more realistic and effective training environments for military personnel. One notable move is the Amorphic Appearance Zero-Projector Visual Display System, also known as AMAZE.

Parallel to Lockheed Martin’s moves, Umbrella Training, in collaboration with Metaverse Learning, recently launched a virtual chef training program. They target entry-level commis chefs, particularly from Gen-Z and Gen-A demographics, in the hospitality industry. The program includes a series of interactive scenarios, such as kitchen orientation, preparation of specific dishes, and kitchen management skills.

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