Money Shots is an emerging NFT collection

On the Solana blockchain, Money Shots is a collection of 2,625 creative hand-drawn NFT doodles that are superimposed over real-world US currency. Money Shots will direct holders to a collectible card game that was created by two of the Pokemon developers who were doxxed.

The game will be a spin-off of poker and will have elements that are unique to cryptocurrencies

Those who are in possession of these valuable NFTs will be granted access to the BETA and will be given the unique opportunity to compete in free-to-play tournaments for the chance to win prizes. In addition to this, holders of Money Shots will be given whitelist spots for all future projects developed on the roadmap, as well as for some partner projects.

“Our objective is to provide users of Solana with a very distinctive PFP that, at its core, is the most degenerate and low-brow of what is now available in the market. We had the option of releasing on Ethereum, but we decided against it since we believe the future of cryptocurrency lies with its most ardent supporters on $SOL.”

10% of the company’s inaugural sales will be donated to a charity, and the recipients will be those who have been whitelisted and have demonstrated that they had financial losses as a result of the Luna Crash in 2022. In order for holders to qualify, they must join the company’s discord and submit an application for a whitelist spot along with documentation that they were impacted. The corporation has high hopes that holders will also mint, although it is not necessary for them to do so.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.