MPL PH Press Corps to Host eSports Journalism Workshops

MPL PH Press Corps to Host eSports Journalism Workshops

The MPL PH Press Corps is extending its educational reach by launching specialized journalism workshops at the University of the Philippines (UP) and Adamson University.

This move aims to equip aspiring journalists with essential skills in mobile journalism, eSports writing, and media ethics. The workshops, hosted by the MPL PH Press Corps, are tailored to impart knowledge about the intricacies of reporting and writing in the eSports domain.

Participants will be able to learn from seasoned professionals, gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities of covering competitive gaming events, teams, and players.

Moonton Games’ regional PR manager, Keith Medrano, commented,

“We are excited to bring the M5 World Championship to our partner organizations and universities to make it bigger and cater to more young, aspiring journalists.”

Comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience

The curriculum covers a range of topics crucial for any budding eSports journalist. Experienced professionals from various media outlets will lead sessions on essential aspects of eSports journalism. Topics include uncovering engaging story angles, understanding eSports jargon, and mobile journalism.

Beyond lectures, the workshops offer interactive activities, allowing participants to apply their newfound knowledge practically. These hands-on experiences are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, preparing attendees for the fast-paced environment of eSports reporting.

This comes months after the firm held its first workshop during the MPL Philippines regular season at the Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati, inviting participation from students across various universities.

In recognition of outstanding performance, the top students received awards like the Opus X green edition headsets provided by Razer Gold and a SecretLab chair for the highest-achieving student. Smart, a telecommunications company, also contributed branded premium tote bags for all workshop participants.

A global trend in eSports education

Expanding eSports journalism workshops in the Philippines mirrors a global trend in eSports education. For example, the University of Arizona recently launched an eSports Academy catering to gamers of all skill levels.

This program, led by Arizona eSports, the university’s official competitive gaming organization, opens its doors to students of varied skill levels, aiming to nurture novice and experienced gamers.

The eSports Academy at the University of Arizona, under the guidance of Ian Escalante, the director of Arizona eSports, caters to a wide range of students, those who made the teams and those who didn’t, offering them a chance to engage in eSports in a structured and supportive environment. The focus is on providing an opportunity for all interested students to experience eSports, whether they are playing competitively for the first time or looking to hone their skills further.

Rising participation in Michigan high schools

Similarly, the high school esports scene has seen significant growth in Michigan, with the Michigan High School eSports League reporting about 1,400 participants across 400 teams. These developments highlight the increasing integration of esports into educational curricula and extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, the 2nd Annual Explore eSports Conference, scheduled for December 8th at Oakland University, represents another significant move. This conference is designed to benefit students, coaches, parents, and administrators by highlighting the advantages of scholastic eSports.

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