Nextech AR partners for 3D development

Nextech AR, a Metaverse company and a leading provider of augmented reality experience technology and services, is thrilled to announce the completion of a number of new 3D model ecommerce partnerships. These agreements offer the Company with a substantial source of SaaS revenue and demonstrate the expanding demand for Nextech’s AI-powered ARitize 3D factory.

Several 3D model AR ecommerce transactions have been inked by Nextech in recent weeks across a variety of dynamic industries. Following the delivery of over 10,000 3D models before, these new contracts demonstrate Nextech’s 3D modeling capabilities at scale, as well as confirming the strong and growing demand for 3D models and AR visualizations in ecommerce around the world.

Nextech has signed an ARitize 3D contract for 3D modeling and custom decorator with Genuine Parts Company

These are just a handful of the company’s most recent customers and sectors of expansion, and with fast expanding demand, the company expects to expand even more in 2022. Since the public SaaS launches of ARitize 3D, Shopify integration, BigCommerce integration, and the Metaverse Suite in the previous few months, adoption and demand for Nextech’s 3D/AR products has accelerated even more.

“These 3D modeling contracts for approximately 1500 models include re-orders,” said Nextech AR CEO Evan Gappelberg.

demonstrating the stickiness of 3D models and the value of 3D/AR models for our clients This is only the start of the fourth industrial revolution, and it’s only the beginning of our adventure, as we have other significant corporate transactions in the works, representing hundreds of 3D models, that we anticipate to close in the coming months. Beyond enterprise, we’re still seeing high demand in the ecommerce area, and we’re negotiating 3D modeling contracts with small and medium ecommerce businesses as well. The snowball effect is in full swing, with widespread adoption evident in all of Nextech’s new and repeat customer contract signings.”

Massive ecommerce organizations are increasing their demand for the ability to convert large amounts of information fast and build 3D models at scale. Nextech thinks it offers an outstanding end-to-end solution with ARitize 3D and Nextech’s ARitize CAD that is ideally positioned in the industry to address the fast expanding global need for 3D models.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.