OutSad releases unique NFT collection

For the purpose of assisting metaverse adventurers in expressing their feelings, OutSad has released a special selection of NFTs. OutSad is a collection of mood-altering characters who can travel with their owner through alternate realities since it is aware of the difficulties in detecting social signs in virtual worlds.

OutSad is a community-focused NFT project that prioritizes recreation over business and sentiments over flipping

Its many expressive figures are each intended to represent various elements of their owners’ personalities. The OutSad PFP will act as the user’s doppelganger no matter how they are feeling as they move through the developing metaverse environment.

OutSad NFTs were produced by an artist group after 700 days of effort, more than 3,000 original painting manuscripts, and 4,500 material models. To finish 5,000 distinct NFT assets, hundreds of refactoring were required. Each of the NFTs is a physical asset that resides on the Ethereum blockchain and may be used to attract a variety of metaverses and virtual environments.

The static design of current PFP collections and the understanding that they don’t accurately reflect their owners’ personalities served as the inspiration for the NFT collection. Since most NFTs are given to their buyer at random after a “reveal,” the owner is bound to get a character who isn’t much like them. OutSad NFTs are designed to reflect every minute emotional change and mood swing, and to adjust as their owners make decisions that will determine their fate while playing the game.

OutSad NFTs function as membership badges in addition to being PFPs that can be used as badges, avatars, and profile images. These offer a variety of capabilities and advantages, beginning with access to the developing OutSad ecosystem. The community will be able to access other planets and more features as this develops over time.

OutSad promotes creativity produced from an autonomous place where the community can generate fresh ideas and use group decision-making, making it more than just an NFT project. OutSad NFTs give the holder an individual commercial right to use, reproduce, and publicly display the acquired artwork anywhere in the globe, along with any extensions they choose to utilize.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.