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Metaverse April 7, 2022

Petoverse unveils a GameFi metaverse



Even with the booming popularity of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens and Play-to-Earn projects, there is yet a project that can offer both. This leaves the possibility of creating a unique, yet stable project that can make investors earn and have fun. Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG universe within the MetaVerse world.

Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG universe set within the MetaVerse universe that promises to bring together the latest investment interests from around the world. The goal is to create a secure and enjoyable environment for anyone who wish to explore the world of bitcoin and games. It encompasses all aspects of bitcoin society. We have everything for everyone’s goals and needs, from the average crypto-investor to the most ardent gamer.

The Petoverse Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol was created by the developers (PAP). It will provide $PETO investors with a passive source of income. This financial protocol facilitates and expedites staking transactions while also providing $PETO holders with the most consistent rewards in the cryptocurrency world.

The project also contains NFTs, which can be used in-game and can also be utilized to make money. The NFTs, for example, can be sold on the Marketplace for a fair price.

In the Petoverse Metaverse Game, there are three noteworthy features that are unique. The Multiplayer Zone is the first, and it allows players to interact with one another. The second is the Adventure P2E, in which the player can fight monsters, run with their guildmates, and earn cash. Last but not least, there’s the Petoverse Plaza, which offers a variety of activities. The Petoverse Metaverse is jam-packed with action and excitement.

This project is a melting pot of awesome and successful gaming projects from Sandbox to Axle Infinity

Petoverse has been KYC validated with RugDoc and evaluated by numerous platforms, proving its legitimacy. Investors can be confident that the team has gone through many steps to provide actual assurance because of them. The team is preparing for a massive launch with the upcoming Petoverse fair launch presale on PinkSale.

Then there was a major marketing blitz! The project’s authenticity and future are assured, with the goal of gaining support from not just the community but also respected players in the field.

Petoverse will also have a variety of NFTs in our NFT Marketplace

In our NFT Marketplace, Petoverse will also feature a selection of NFTs. By putting their own flare into the costume, the user can mix and match the NFT. They will be able to earn money from the NFTs in Petoverse. They can buy and sell NFT at competitive prices.


Michelle D. Madsen graduated from the University of Westminster and has been deeply involved in the world of finance ever since. She has worked as a Broadcast Journalist hosting various news shows and informative webcasts about the financial markets. Since 2004 she has also been writing for MetaNews daily, her attention to detail, and her in-depth knowledge of the financial markets have led her to cover Foreign Exchange and commodities. The world of finance has changed in the last few years with the introduction and rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse. She has in no means been left behind, adding this to her bank of intellect and is now also an expert in cryptocurrencies. For the last ten years, Ms. Madsen has been engaged in the financial market. She has notedly written a great number of incredibly informative reviews for the crypto, NFT and the Metaverse. Her wealth of knowledge has enabled her to become a leading expert in the field. She continues to inform the public writing up-to-date, thorough reviews for the readers of MetaNews as she has for the last decade.

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Pizza Hut makes metaverse moves



Pizza Hut has already conquered the moon and built a robot that can make pizza; now, the restaurant chain is setting its sights on the Metaverse. Pizza Hut will make its first appearance at the ComplexLand virtual shopping experience, which will be held for the third year in a row. This comes as the popularity of the Metaverse continues to skyrocket among customers in the Gen Z demographic.

Gen Z consumers spend twice as much time socially connecting in the Metaverse as they do in real life

At this year’s ComplexLand, Pizza Hut will greet pizza fans with specially built delivery cars and drivers, nine different NFTs, and the opportunity to win free pizza for an entire year! Rob Shields, a veteran of the Metaverse who is known for creating the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk VR world known as “End of the World Pizza,” was the multimedia artist responsible for designing Pizza Hut’s presence at ComplexLand.

During the course of their investigation, the participants will come across three separate Pizza Hut delivery vans that are parked in various locations. Shields was the one who came up with the designs for all of the different zombie drivers and vehicles, and he was the one in charge of staffing each vehicle with its own one-of-a-kind undead delivery driver. The drivers will remind those in attendance to grab some pizza and enter the raffle for a chance to win one of nine NFTs, each of which comes with a free supply of pizza for a whole year.

ComplexLand 3.0 is a three-day long event that will take place from May 25-27 and will provide users with a cost-free, personalized shopping experience. It will include brand new first-person exploration, an enhanced version of the NFT Art Gallery that will be curated by Lil Miquela, and exclusive product drops that will only be available throughout the course of the three-day experience. By implementing these new capabilities, ComplexLand 3.0 will work toward the goal of turning attendees into customers.


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Royalty Black Card is a new NFT project



Royalty Black Card is a real-world ERC-721 non-fungible token based on the Ethereum network. Every week, all holders will have access to an exclusive club that provides passive income and life-changing gifts.

Transparency and fairness are important to the company. Furthermore, the organization aspires to be the most generous blockchain protocol. The Royalty Black Card is an NFT and elite membership that is “essentially free.” They provide all of its members with a low-risk, high-reward platform. Enjoy fantastic passive income that grows each week. The goal behind this endeavor was to give back. The company is proud of itself and strives to make a good difference in as many lives as possible.

The Royalty Black Card is a premium membership that grants access to a once-in-a-lifetime chance and experience. They also hope to be the first to provide fresh inventive ideas and distinctive features to the NFT marketplace, in the hopes that other projects would follow suit. One of their many unique goals is to provide a substantial amount of weekly passive income to all of our members in the form of a “Royalty,” which is how they got their name. The ultimate goal is to make this incredible concept into a REAL LIFE UTILITY: the Royalty Debit Card.

NFTs are all the same. The art, on the other hand, will take your breath away! It’s a wonderful work of art, and Royalty Black Card is confident that they’ll agree after seeing it. The NFT is a key to gaining entry to their private membership.

Holders have no limit on the number of transactions they can make or the quantity of NFTs they can keep per wallet

When the price of a Royalty Black Card reaches a minimum threshold of 1 ETH, the company will begin hosting a lively and thought-provoking AMA session every week, which will be immediately followed by a live giveaway. The members will have the opportunity to compete for a wide range of rewards. One fortunate winner will be selected each week to receive the grand prize of one Bitcoin.


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My Neighbor Alice, A New Game From a Great Design Company



My Neighbor Alice, which is a Multiplayer-Builder game based on references to another popular game called Animal Crossing. MNA gives players the ability to own their very own virtual islands in the Gameworld, but also they can create weapons for defense of the islands they own. Players are represented in the world and on their islands by avatars, as it is with most games on the Metaverse or with the Metaverse itself. Their is a farming and survival mechanic also, which is heavily inspired by the Animal Crossing game, which has become highly popular in its own right. In the main article we will be examining the scope and mechanics of the game.


The Game Itself

My Neighbor Alice was developed by the company called Antler Interactive. AI is in fact one of the world’s most acclaimed gaming studios, and has been reviewed by many professionals. The design company is know for mixing reality bending mechanics with realism to create games that are very immersive. Gaming technology has made it possible for games like My Neighbor Alice to be as impressive as it is, and the gameplay is top-notch.





In the game, players can build various objects on their very own islands, can use these items for use in decorations and commerce in which they can earn the native token. Also, there are over a dozen catalogues of houses, animals, groceries, and wearable NFTs that can outfit the players avatars.


The other parts of the game that have yet to be released may include….
“My Neighbor Alice relied on ALICE coin, an in-game currency that token holders could use to invest and interact in the Alice realm. Coins can be exchanged for in-game objects and bets, as well as for play-to-earn rewards.” –Informe Review

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