PlayStation unveils new VR headset PSVR2

Unity held a ‘Building Next-Gen Games for PSVR2’ session at this year’s Game Developers Conference and the company appears to be as excited as many developers about the upcoming VR hardware. Bria Williams, Senior Product Manager at Unity, says, “PSVR2 takes VR gaming to a whole new level, offering a deeper sense of presence and allowing players to immerse themselves in game worlds like never before.”

The original PSVR was well-received as the first virtual reality headgear for a major system, giving more people without strong computers a taste of VR gaming’s possibilities. It didn’t, however, come without flaws.

PSVR2 takes VR gaming to a whole new level

The considerable increase in resolution, much-improved ‘Sense’ controllers, and the elimination of the requirement for a breakout box and external camera are among the most significant improvements. The introduction of eye-tracking, on the other hand, is the most thrilling.

Eye-tracking allows for ‘foveated rendering,’ in which just the little area (the fovea) that human eyes can see clearly is drawn in high resolution. This prevents processing resources from being wasted on completely drawing sections of the scene that are out of the gamer’s peripheral view.

Realistic eye movements of avatars in online games and social encounters, intent monitoring, and maybe even eye-based input are all possible applications for eye-tracking.

There’s still no sign of an Xbox VR headset

There’s still no indication of an Xbox VR headset on the other side of the console divide. While praising Sony, Oculus, and Valve for their work, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has stated that the company is still not interested in producing VR devices.

More competition, on the other hand, is always beneficial to innovation. We should all hope that Xbox doesn’t completely abandon VR now that PlayStation has demonstrated that both developers and players are enthusiastic about the technology.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.