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SBS unveils new metaverse service

Sortium Blockchain Studio, a pioneer in Web3 technology, today announced the launch of their “metaverse as a service” offering, which establishes the future and standard of Web3 technology while allowing innovators in the gaming, art, entertainment, fashion, and education industries to create virtual worlds with greater ease and ownership.

The company has risen to the top of the Web3 technology market

Sortium has grown to become the leading Web3 technology provider, delivering immersive virtual experiences as well as top-tier Web3 experiences that are accessible to all, leveraging their extensive experience building next-generation bespoke web3 platforms for major brands such as Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, MLB, UEFA, Topps, and others to propel client brands into the future of digital interaction, ownership, and community. The firm’s cutting-edge service has built a range of comprehensive products and services that integrate AI, blockchain, and extended reality to enable colorful, complex experiences and encourage fundamental transformation across sectors.

“We build so that future inventors have access to the technology that allows them to unleash their biggest ideas,” Sortium CEO Marc Seal said. “We saw the potential for merging blockchain and AI technology to drive even bolder ideas and alter how we live, create, imagine, and produce money at Sortium,” says the company.

Sortium’s world-class team has a track record of producing unrivaled customized Web3 platforms that improve accessibility and open new doors to community, entertainment, and wealth, laying the foundation for others to build on. They’re outperforming everything else on the market as the building blocks for the world’s next big ideas, allowing developers to take advantage of Web3’s full potential.

The firm is a Web3 technology pioneer that helps entrepreneurs in gaming, art, entertainment, fashion, and education build immersive experiences in metaverses and virtual worlds using advanced technology. The company provides immersive virtual reality experiences that allow users to connect with interactive tales and new world concepts, bridging the digital and real-world divide.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.