SCA is a brand new NFT collection

A grouping of 10,000 distinct apes produced algorithmically on the Solana blockchain with proof of ownership and an emphasis on utility. The SOL standard, which is the foundation of many digital collectible and utility projects, serves as the basis for Sin City Apes. NFT technology gives owners confidence in the legitimacy of their NFT.

Instead of employing NFTs only for art, the company sought to enter the NFT industry to take advantage of the technology that they provide to users. The business intends to make use of NFT technology’s many advantages, including smart contracts, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralized infrastructure, and a lot more.

Based on the amount of money bet through them and the value of their NFT, holders of the Sin City Apes NFT project will receive a variety of casino wager rewards

The business will offer level-up bonuses, account reloads, daily cashback, weekly cashback, monthly cashback, and annual cashback. Rakeback will range from 10% to 80%. Additionally, the holders of Sin City Ape NFTs may have VIP access to exclusive lounges, backstage passes to business events, NFT staking, NFT loans, the ability to rent out their NFTs, DAO Funds, and much more.

“We are one of the first casinos to introduce a utility-focused NFT initiative, making history in the age of the digital renaissance.”

All utilities for the Sin City Ape NFT will be made available to holders shortly upon the official public MINT. The Apina casino with holder advantages, a private casino metaverse, staking, a white list marketplace, data tools, VIP access, courses, the Alpha Alliance, NFT merging, and much more will be included in this.

The company eventually hopes to let owners of Sin City Apes to customize their own Apes by attaching additional accessories to their NFT. Numerous accessory projects, such as shoes, pants, coats, shirts, additional hats, and many others will be designed and produced by them.

Holders will essentially be able to convert a sizable amount of $APINA into a new NFT thanks to $APINA Pals. It can be a brand-new Sin City ape item or a “crossbreed” NFT that connects them to a venture that closely collaborates with the business. In the second scenario, holders will benefit further from the project. They can, of course, decide to sell that NFT whenever they choose in both situations.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.