SFLM develops new NFT metaverse tech

Recently, SFLMaven Corporation, a prominent distributor of high-end luxury goods and a company that specializes in the Metaverse jewelry industry, made public its intentions to initiate the process of preparing the company for uplisting and acquisitions.

The organization has established a committee with the purpose of investigating the potential use of extraordinary and patented technology to improve the performance of its mission in the metaverse area. Now, the organization will start having conversations with various technological specialists, designers, and even potential partners in joint venture technology businesses.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Ladin, was quoted as saying, “We are all in 100 percent for the Metaverse and NFTs. Because of this, we are allocating investment funds toward the development of or acquisition of essential technologies in order to meet this objective. I am hopeful that several of the major projects about which discussions are now taking place will be announced soon.”

SFLMaven Corporation is a premier provider of high-end luxury items to a clientele that is comprised of discriminating customers all around the world

Since its start, SFLMaven has been responsible for more than $140 million in sales and has earned more than 100,000 favorable ratings along the way. It is most well-known for the Thursday Night Auction events that it hosts on its highly-rated eBay site.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.