Sheepverse is an emerging NFT collection

Adventure novel Sheepverse is set in a universe where people have vanished and sheep have taken over as the main species. They are residents of the ruins and afterimages of human civilization. Viktor Zweistein, an inventor and tinkerer who is a veritable legend among sheep, is the main character. He assembles a team to assist him in his quest to solve one of history’s greatest mysteries: the disappearance of humanity. They will encounter challenges, puzzles, and buried treasures along the journey. They must stand up to evil forces that will stop at nothing to keep the past a secret.

Longer in duration is the Sheepverse narrative. Viktor and his team are taken to a mysterious island in chapter one, where they come across a big surprise. Space and the deep sea will be significant themes in later chapters. There is an additional NFT collection for each chapter that continues the theme.

Members of the flock of sheep NFTs make up the story’s cast. As a result, the NFT community will have an impact on how the plot unfolds. It will take part in the action through raffles, mini-games, and puzzles

There are 12,345 different sheep NFTs in Chapter 1, 12,222 of which may be bought, and 123 of which can be won in raffles. 239 hand-drawn traits were converted to digital form and combined to create the individual sheep. A sheep can have between 4 and 13 of the features, which are spread among 13 categories. Background, wool color, mouth, and eyes are required features. Body, hand, tattoo, necklace, ears, mouth accessory, Face, glasses, and headwear are optional attributes. The sheep revere human pop culture, which is referenced in some of the traits.

The owners of the sheep will receive at least 20% of the proceeds. The remainder will be used to fund Sheepverse and upcoming initiatives.




Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.