SHIB the Metaverse Launches Land Competition, Avatar Builder

SHIB the Metaverse Launches Land Competition, Avatar Builder

To celebrate the launch of the SHIB the metaverse Twitter account, popular cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has launched a competition to give away 10 free land tokens for SHIB.

In further positive news for Shiba Inu fans, the first preview of the avatar builder for SHIB the metaverse has been revealed.

SHIB the metaverse

SHIB the metaverse, a metaverse offshoot of Shiba Inu, has launched its official Twitter account as the project inches closer to completion. 

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To celebrate the launch of the @mvshib account on Monday, the crypto-metaverse venture announced a competition offering 10 lucky winners the opportunity to nab themselves a plot of land in the SHIB metaverse.

“We’re excited to announce our brand new Twitter, where you can find the latest updates about our project,” said SHIB the metaverse.

“To celebrate it, we’re launching a contest to giveaway 10 lands. To enter, simply follow us and retweet this post. Ends at 30th April!”

SHIB the metaverse is a virtual reality world born from the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu began life as a memecoin rival to Dogecoin, itself popularized by the Shiba Inu meme. Over time the project has grown from its memecoin origins to support an entire ecosystem of features and products including NFTs, a token exchange called Shibaswap, and the Layer-2 blockchain Shibarium on which SHIB the metaverse is built.

SHIB the metaverse is perhaps the most ambitious project the former memecoin has taken on so far, as it is envisioned as a competitor to the likes of Decentraland and Sandbox.

Photorealistic imagery

SHIB the metaverse is created with the Unreal Engine, the same 3D games design tool used by Fortnite creator Epic Games.

Shiba Inu has also called on the talents of Hollywood special effects firm The Third Floor (TTF) to help bring SHIB the metaverse to life. TTF have previously worked on Star Wars and Marvel productions as well as PREY, the latest installment in the Predator franchise.

With that kind of pedigree, there are high hopes for SHIB the metaverse and early previews look promising, with high-end graphics bordering on photorealism.

The latest preview to come from the Shiba Inu team has been the avatar builder. 

According to LucieSHIB the avatar builder will allow users to “create a unique digital identity with a wide set of personalization options. From pre-made templates to customizable body features, facial elements, hairstyles, clothing and accessories.”

Members of the SHIB Army will now wait with anticipation for further details on the exact nature of the avatar builder and its related tools.

Another doggy metaverse

Shiba Inu may be the top dogcoin in the cryptosphere, but it is not the only dog-themed memecoin to launch its own metaverse. 

Floki Inu, another Shiba Inu-inspired token, has developed its own metaverse called Valhalla. Unlike SHIB the metaverse, which is still in development, Valhalla has already launched.

Floki Inu announced its Easter Holiday event on Monday, inviting players to take part at

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