Slack and Grammarly Integrate ChatGPT to Embrace AI Era

Slack and Grammarly Integrate ChatGPT to Embrace AI Era

Slack, the instant messaging program for professional communications, will soon offer “new superpowers” after unveiling a ChatGPT AI tool aimed at boosting productivity for millions of its users, reports CityAM.

Salesforce, the owner of the messenger service, has partnered with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT and a customer of Slack, to introduce the AI chatbot to the platform for the first time.

The new integration will give Slack users access to state-of-the-art research tools to find answers on any project or topic, per the company.

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Slack users get ‘superpowers’

“OpenAI has been a great Slack customer, and we’re even more excited for them to be an amazing Slack partner,” said Noah Desai Weiss, Chief Product Officer at Slack.

After a massive boost in user numbers during lockdown, Slack now has more than five million customers, who will be offered AI-powered writing assistance so they can spend less time replying and more time working.

“The ChatGPT app for Slack deeply integrates the power of OpenAI’s cutting edge large language models into Slack’s conversational interface. This will give customers new superpowers by helping them tap the collective knowledge of their organisation’s channel archives,” said Weiss.

The firm were “early adopters” of Slack, and it has been the lifeblood of its customer communication, along with Huddles, according to Zack Kass, Head of GTM for OpenAI.

“Injecting our own technology into this product has supercharged our ability to connect with and delight our customers,” stated Kass.

Since its successful launch last November, OpenAI’s tool has set the trend for AI in web search, especially in the era of chatbots. However, it also raised concerns for academic institutions, as they faced restrictions in different parts of the world.

Despite restrictions from many institutions, ChatGPT continues to be integrated into the systems of various tech industry leaders, such as Microsoft’s Bing, DuckDuckGo, and much more.

Grammarly joins the list

Grammarly, an American cloud-based typing assistant, has become the latest firm to take a dive into the generative AI era with a ChatGPT integration. The spelling and grammar checker has announced a new tool that uses a ChatGPT-powered AI model to generate text called “GrammarlyGo.”

“With GrammarlyGO, we’ll be changing the way people and businesses communicate and get work done by accelerating productivity where writing happens,” wrote Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Global Head of Product at Grammarly, in a blog post.

GrammarlyGO provides on-demand generative AI communication assistance directly in the apps where people write, stated the company.

“Whether in an email thread or a long-form document, GrammarlyGO is right there with you and your teams during the writing process. GrammarlyGO understands context to quickly generate high-quality, task-appropriate writing and revisions,” stated Roy-Chowdhury.

Users can utilize GrammarlyGO to draft documents, compose and respond to emails, edit their writing for clarity, tone, and length, and generate concepts or project outlines, all within the applications they are using.

The announcement explains that GrammarlyGO employs “personal, organizational, and situational context” to provide recommendations customized to the user’s writing style and communication needs.

Grammarly plans to launch the beta version in April with multiple unique features, including voice personalization, prompts to guide writing, secured work, trustworthy generative AI, and fast writing.

Web3 browser Brave, meanwhile, recently released the “Summarizer, an AI-powered feature, and DuckDuckGo, another web browser, has also joined the race.

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