Sports metaverse unveils land sale

The sports-specific virtual world Sports Metaverse announced a public land sale for owners to buy a high-end fan cave to hang out with friends from all over the world, customize their own NFTs, play pool, stream sporting events, advertise, and rent out their land to tenants.

Users can visit virtual stadiums, buy virtual lands, chat with sports players, and trade NFTs

The Sports Metaverse bills itself as the first virtual environment exclusively devoted to sports, bringing together renowned athletes, companies, and organizations.

Long-term plans include social zones with big screens and shops, 3D entertainment, 24/7 access to the metaverse for athletes and fans, and special-purpose land for the development of stadiums or event facilities.

“We’ve put together some of the biggest sports stars of all time, the most progressive Web3 brands, and the top metaverse builders in the business. The Sports Metaverse is the new frontier for sports, where billions of fans will be immediately connected to one another and to their favorite companies and sports icons “Chris Worsey, co-founder and CEO of SportsIcon, stated.

The LandWorks protocol, developed by EnterDao on the Ethereum blockchain, enables virtual reality landowners to rent out their properties without permission by listing them for specific rent prices on which potential tenants can place bid prices. Sports Metaverse recently announced that it was working with LandWorks as well.

Thanks to a live land sale whitelist, users can now buy land in the Sports Metaverse. Users receive the property, an opulent fan cave where they can display all of their NFTs, and exclusive discounts on Sports City and Lion Land. There will be 36 private islands, Soccer Land, Baller Land, Gridiron Land, Cricket Land, and many more areas in the future, according to Sports Metaverse.

“We’re creating a digital universe that is solely dedicated to sports, and we’d want to invite users on the voyage, Sports Metaverse.”


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.