Spotify Tests Its AI Text-to-Playlists Feature

Spotify Tests Its AI Text-to-Playlists Feature

After experimenting with its AI-powered DJ last year, Spotify takes AI further, now allowing listeners to make their own playlist with just a text prompt.

The feature currently in beta is available to premium users only on mobile devices in the UK and Australia although there are plans to extend it to other countries.

A playlist just a text prompt away

The latest feature is reportedly powered by Spotify DJ feature, which was launched last year, and helps creation of a personalized selection. The Spotify DJ adds some spoken commentary about the song using synthetic voices, similar to what one would experience when listening to traditional radio.

According to 9to5Mac, although it launched more than a year ago, users did not have much control over it, as Spotify gave the tool to its music editors. But now it’s changing with users making their own playlists from ChatGPT-like prompts.

Users are just a text prompt away from enjoying their favorite music. By typing in a text prompt like “driving to watch the solar eclipse” and Spotify’s contextual AI model “will scour the extensive music library to find the perfect tracks.”

The feature, visible from Library menu will allow users to type in a prompt to get a curated list of songs.

“Get creative and be specific! For example, you could try creating ‘sad music for painting dying flowers’ or ‘tracks for horse riding into the sunset’,” explained Spotify in a blog post.

According to Spotify, users can reference fictional characters, real-life locations, or emojis in their prompts. The AI will then create a playlist with 30 tracks that try to match the vibe.

Refining the playlist

According to Spotify, once the playlist is generated, users can use AI to refine and revise the result “by issuing commands like ‘less upbeat’ or ‘more pop’.

Users also have an option to remove some tracks from the playlist by swiping left on a song.

“Creating a new playlist with AI Playlist is as simple as typing a unique prompt into the chat,” said the company.

“Whether you’re a beginner or an expert playlist creator, AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalization technology with AI to deliver that perfect musical mix just for you.”

The live streaming music platform added that the tool makes use of large language models to understand user intent then uses its personalization technology to fulfil user prompt.

This latest update, according to Tom’s Guide comes at a time several AI music companies and AI playlists including Suno are fast gaining ground on the market exerting pressure on Spotify.

But, Spotify has been investing into AI to improve its streaming services and stay ahead of competition. CEO Daniel Ek has also hinted to investors about other ways Spotify could take advantage of AI to improve its service, for instance “summarizing podcasts, creating AI-generated audio ads, and more.”

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Steps to use the feature

Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia using Android or iOS app can follow these steps to use the feature.

  • Tap the plus button in your library to create a new playlist
  • Select “AI Playlist (Beta)” from the pop up options
  • Type what you like. Spotify lists a few suggestions to try, if you come up empty
  • Wait for AI Spotify’s AI to do its job
  • Check out the songs and activate the “create” button to create the playlist
  • Please note that you may also activate “cancel” to stop the process or use the refine text field to fine tune it further.



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