Super Soldiers are interesting NFTs

10,000 3D Super Soldiers fighting gas fees on the Solana blockchain with a relentless force. Numerous Metaverse participants are being corrupted by outrageous gas prices as a result of the Ethereum Network’s control over them.

The Super Soldiers, a gang of fearless combatants, have united to abolish these gas surcharges

“For many of the team members, shooting video game franchises played a significant role in their formative years. We were compelled to participate and share a portion of our story due to the recent upsurge in excitement surrounding the NFT community. The Super Soldiers NFT Collection is our proud invention. We were surprised to discover a dearth of soldier-style figures being represented in the sector.”

Deploying the “Super Crates” will be the first step in achieving the company’s long-term objectives. The Super Soldiers Team will be dispersing enigmatic Super Crates filled with an undetermined item. New weapons and gun skins can be found inside holders. Every post mint, holders will receive a free Super Crate.

After the Super Soldiers 3D NFTs are revealed, the business will add a profile photo tool to their website. Holders will be able to download high-quality versions of their Super Soldier 3D NFT photos as well as portrait-format images thanks to this. Holders have full rights to the NFT photos they own, thus they are free to use them anyway they see fit, including but not limited to branding, canvas prints, and profile pictures.

“A gallery will be added to our website after the Super Soldiers 3D NFTs are shown. You can see every soldier, their characteristics, and rarity in the gallery. The rare sites will also highlight our project.”



Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.