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What Does the EU's AI Act Mean for Startups? 

What Does the EU’s AI Act Mean for Startups? 

The EU Parliament passed the much-awaited AI Act last week, making it the first major jurisdiction in the world to introduce comprehensive rules for the sector, but compliance could prove tough for startup companies new to regulation.  While aspects of

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AI Is a ‘Force for Good,’ Say 1,300 Experts

AI Is a ‘Force for Good,’ Say 1,300 Experts

In an open letter 1,300 IT experts have rebuffed claims that advanced AI will destroy humanity. The British Computer Society (BCS), the U.K.’s Chartered Institute for IT, organized the message in response to growing fears that the technology will ultimately

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Campaigners Urge AI Act to Go Much Further

The EU is edging closer to passing an act that will minimize the potential harms of artificial intelligence (AI), but not everyone is happy with the bill in its current form. Access Now is one body that has expressed concerns.

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