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Alan Ayckbourn's Play Foreshadowed AI-Created Soaps

Alan Ayckbourn’s Play Foreshadowed AI-Created Soaps

TV director James Hawes believes artificial intelligence (AI) could produce soap operas in three to five years. Alan Ayckbourn’s 1998 and 2023 plays projected this trend by pointing out possible problems. Looking ahead, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) writing

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Sora AI Produces Eye-Popping Videos Instantly

Sora AI Produces Eye-Popping Videos Instantly

Sora, an impressive new generative video model created by OpenAI, can take a brief text description and transform it into a minute-long, intricate, high-definition film clip. OpenAI, the parent company of the ChatGPT chatbot and the still-image generator DALL-E, is

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