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Drake Used Tupac AI Vocals to Diss Lamar

The estate of Tupac Shakur threatened to sue Drake after he used an AI-generated version of the late hip-hop star’s voice in a new song that throws shade at Kendrick Lamar, Billboard reports. Attorney Howard King, representing Shakur’s estate, sent

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Taylor Swift Deepfaked in an AI Cookware Ad

Taylor Swift Deepfaked in an AI Cookware Ad

An AI-generated ad using Taylor Swift’s likeness has surfaced, fooling her fans with the celebrity’s voice used to promote Le Creuset’s high-end cookware. In the ad, the fake Taylor Swift is giving away free cookware to her fans on social

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Musicians Express Concerns About AI-Generated Music Perception

How to Spot AI Deepfakes on Social Media

A video posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo last week shows American pop star Taylor Swift speaking fluent Mandarin. Only it wasn’t the 33-year-old singer in the clip. It was a deepfake video generated by an AI tool from

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