Tarkov Transforms: From Hardcore Shooter to Esports Contender

Tarkov Transforms: From Hardcore Shooter to Esports Contender

Battlestate Games has officially declared their foray into the world of eSports with the upcoming title, Tarkov: Arena, set to debut at DreamHack Hannover in December. 

This marks a milestone for the game developer, known for their hardcore shooter, Escape From Tarkov. Launched in 2016, Escape From Tarkov debuted the extraction shooter genre, gaining immense popularity and advancing its evolution. 

Now, with Tarkov: Arena, Battlestate Games aims to introduce a standalone title that merges traditional multiplayer elements with the Tarkov experience.

Tarkov: Arena – A new competitive frontier

Tarkov: Arena, while distinct from its predecessor, shares some crossover elements, signaling a fresh approach to competitive gaming. Diverging from the extraction shooter format, Tarkov: Arena is a team-based shooter, designed for fast-paced action in compact maps. The focus is on load-outs and conventional game modes, catering to a more mainstream multiplayer audience. This shift is poised to attract seasoned and new players, offering an exhilarating and accessible eSports platform.

A €100,000 prize at stake

The eSports debut of Tarkov: Arena at DreamHack Hannover is a historic event for the franchise. Scheduled from Dec. 14 to 17, the tournament will feature six professional teams vying for a whopping €100,000 prize pool. This event will showcase the game’s potential in a competitive setting, promising high-octane action and strategic gameplay.

Escape From Tarkov has always flirted with the esports world, hosting community-led tournaments and gradually integrating competitive elements. However, its unique gameplay and deviation from mainstream eSports formats posed challenges in fully integrating into the industry. Tarkov: Arena is Battlestate Games’ solution, bridging the gap with a game specifically designed for eSports, combining the intensity of Tarkov with the appeal of traditional multiplayer competitions.

The upcoming Tarkov Wipe

In tandem with the eSports news, Escape From Tarkov is gearing up for its next major wipe, a biannual event that resets player progress to maintain game freshness and replayability. This upcoming wipe, scheduled for December, is set to introduce new features and a new map, further invigorating the player base.

The new map, “Ground Zero,” is tailor-made for low-level players, offering them a chance to hone their skills before facing tougher challenges. Set in Tarkov’s urban landscape, it promises a mix of tactical and fast-paced combat, reminiscent of the Streets of Tarkov.

Enhanced mobility and achievements

A highly-anticipated feature, vaulting, will allow players to navigate obstacles more fluidly, adding a new dimension to the game’s traversal. Additionally, introducing in-game achievements will provide players with side tasks and goals, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

Further, the armor system is getting an overhaul with the introduction of customizable armor plates. This feature will allow players to tailor their defence to their play style. Moreover, the game is set to introduce left-shoulder shooting, adding versatility and tactical depth to gunfights.

New arsenal expansions

Escape From Tarkov’s arsenal is expanding with new weapons like the 9A-91, RPD, and VSK-94, offering players more choices and strategies in combat.

A recent nine-minute gameplay video from Tarkov: Arena, released during the Tokyo Game Show, has added to the excitement, showcasing the game’s eSports potential. This video provides a glimpse into the high-stakes, skill-based action that Tarkov: Arena promises to bring to the eSports community.

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