The Blocks is an upcoming NFT project

The Blocks is a collection of 3,333 PFP that is suitable for crypto enthusiasts as well as newbies. The Blocks, in contrast to many other NFT initiatives, is being constructed with the long-term community of “Mr. Block” in mind. Mr. Block is now working on the development of a community-driven information hub with the goals of educating, onboarding, and enabling the blockchain ecosystem and the next generation of crypto participants.

The Blocks NFT collection serves as a gateway method for the user community, and it offers an interesting and comprehensive path

An original cartoon character from the early 20th century that was featured in The Industrial Worker newspaper was the inspiration for The Blocks by Mr. Block NFT, which pays homage to that character. This cartoon character depicted a disgruntled union worker with the appearance of a block-shaped, rectangular head made of wooden material. He frequently sported a top hat of moderate size and a checkered shirt. As someone who endured one obstacle after another, he was portrayed as having empathy for the average person in the workforce. In the most fundamental sense, he was “The Man’s” servant.

“We have started putting in place the foundation for our community. Cryptographic incentives, the Learn2Earn program, social and influencer collaborations, and Web3.0-based governance are some of the additional features that will be added over time.”

Members of the NFT will be eligible for discounts and gift cards for use in The Mr. Block Shop as the company continually update and modernize their products selection to accommodate the demands of web3.0.

Members of the community will get priority access to our collaboration partners, community events, and future advancements, such as new products and features as well as virtual and in-person events.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.