The Paradox Metaverse unveils NFT staking

The Paradox Metaverse, the latest player-to-employee game developed by Paradox Studios and based on blockchain technology, will include support for NFT Staking using $Para Coin. Staking one’s NFTs or $PARA Coins would be one of the key ways that players may earn within the context of the game.

Players will have the ability to generate passive income by putting their NFT collection and accumulated $PARA Coin to use in various ways

The company made the announcement that staking in the game will operate in a manner that is analogous to how it operates in the real world, where depositors receive interests on their money. However, in the game, the rewards will be provided in the form of crypto, which gives players more agency from their point of view.

Players have the ability to put any amount of their $PARA on the line by staking it as P-Save for a time period that can range anywhere from 28 days to 2,888 days. As a consequence of this, the player’s stake will continue to accumulate prizes each day, and the quantity yielded will depend on the length of time a stake lasts, with those who save for a longer period of time obtaining even more rewards as a result.

The game will also provide users the option of selling their NFT characters to other players, which will assist the NFT holder in generating passive revenue for themselves. It is possible for NFT holders to generate passive income with a 50/50 split on Play and Earn prizes while they are not using their NFTs because there is a limited quantity of character NFTs. This will allow others to pay holders to use their NFT character to earn while they are playing the game.

In addition to this, players have the option of staking their non-faction transfer characters, which can result in the characters being locked for a length of time ranging from 28 days to 2,888 days. However, it is vital to keep in mind that NFT characters that are now being staked cannot be used in the game at the same time, nor can they be used to gain in-game currency while the stake is active for that character.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.