The Quilvius is a new metaverse art space

The presale for The Quilvius, the first platform for culture and art in the Metaverse, has begun. This Metaverse project is the first cultural and art platform focused on writing, reading, and translating as an act, and it is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The initiative offers translators employment chances, lets authors reach millions of readers, and provides readers with limitless resources. The QVIU token, whose price has grown into the main factor contributing to the death of book culture, will be used in all transactions. Instead, Quilvius has established an environment where learning is essentially free. This makes it both short-term and long-term sustainable.

The project’s complexity is what makes it special

The four universes that make up the Quilvius Metaverse are the QVRead ecosystem for readers, QVAuth for authors and content creators, QVTrns for translators, and QVInvst for users to invest in the arts and culture. For readers specifically, there is the first universe. The most amusing and populous of them all is known as the QVRead universe. A wide range of resources, including books, TV shows, and authorized movies, will be available to users. All Quilvius platform users will have access to this universe.

The following area of the project is known as QVAuth. The second universe, which will be devoted to writers and content producers, is this one. In this universe, everybody with a creative mind is free to express themselves anyway they want. They can get money by sharing their work with other users. The availability of translation services grew over the course of the pandemic. Quilvius created the universe known as QVTrns just for translators as a result of this. In this reality, translators are free to advertise their skills or accept or reject work offers. This cosmos will experience a spectacular surge of trade.

QVInvst is the last option. Users of this universe are able to invest money in the fields of culture and the arts. In each of the Metaverse realities, there are also unused advertising places. By placing advertisements in the voids that users frequent most frequently, users can reach millions of people.

QVIU commission money will be distributed to university funds, NGOs, and educational institutions. These things will boost global culture and arts. Quilvius (QVIU) wants to make books more fascinating, affordable, and accessible. It gives customers a wide choice of one-click services and allows authors to publish their work.


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.