The Top 5 Most Metaverse-ready Nations Are All in Europe

The Netherlands

The top 5 most metaverse-ready nations in the world are all in Europe, according to a recent report from Uswitch, which named the Netherlands as the most metaverse-ready nation on the planet.

Canada came in at joint position 9 alongside Luxembourg, the United States at 12, and Japan followed at a lowly position 31 on the chart.

Metaverse requirements

Uswitch determined the readiness factor of individual nations based on a variety of factors, but mainly focusing on broadband speeds, affordability, and accessibility.

Of the nations which it assessed Uswitch found the Netherlands to be the readiest of the bunch. The report cited fixed median broadband speeds of 106.51Mbps and a high-technology economy as reasons behind its decision.

Next on the list is Switzerland which scored exceptionally high for blockchain innovation, followed by Lithuania, where internet coverage is very good, but also incredibly affordable. Metaverse users in Lithuania will only pay a fraction of the cost compared to other European nations making it a highly attractive destination.

iceConnect finds current broadband lacking

For the metaverse to truly take off adoption of ultra-fast broadband will have to increase significantly. A recent report from iceConnect states that the metaverse will require internet speeds of at least 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

Chart-topping Netherlands only manages an average 106.51Mbps even though gigabyte broadband is already available to most customers. The majority of Dutch customers have yet to switch to gigabyte plus connectivity. 

At the moment there is little evidence to suggest that Dutch customers are enthused by the metaverse. Only 2.7% of people in the Netherlands are metaverse experienced. This compares poorly to Canada where 6.9% of the population is metaverse experienced as well as South Korea and Japan (both 5.4%).

So while you may be able to lead the Dutch to fast broadband, you can’t necessarily make them enter the metaverse.

Top 10 most metaverse-ready nations

  1. Netherlands
  2. Switzerland
  3. Lithuania
  4. Malta 
  5. France
  6. Sweden
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Denmark
  9. Luxembourg
  10. Canada


Image credits: Shutterstock, CC images, Midjourney, Unsplash.