The US Is Not Doing Enough To Get Ready For The Impact Of AI: Andrew Yang

The US Is Not Doing Enough To Get Ready For The Impact Of AI: Andrew Yang

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has discussed the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

Andrew Yang, the former Democratic presidential candidate, spoke to Fox News Digital about the dangers of artificial intelligence, known as AI. He warned that not enough is being done to prepare for the impact of AI, particularly on the labor market, which he said could cause massive job losses.

Yang Speaks to Fox News Digital

According to Yang, AI is a very powerful technology and set of tools, but there’s nothing intrinsically positive or negative about tools. He said, however, that there are positives and negatives about how tools can be used.

He continued by saying that everyone can very clearly see deepfake videos already being employed for political purposes. Also, fake pictures of terrorist attacks are being used to manipulate the stock market. Concurrently, a robocall in President Biden’s voice is trying to discourage turnout.

Yang said, “Pretty soon, we’re not going to be able to tell up from down and left from right, and if people show you a video of me doing something heinous, I’ll just shrug and be like, didn’t happen, and that could be the best defense before too long.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate additionally said that there would be dramatic changes that accompany AI, and institutions just aren’t the least prepared for them.

Significant Job Losses in the US

According to a new analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly embedded in our professional practices, 60% of US jobs risk becoming impacted by the technology.

A report in 2023 by FOX Business’ Lydia Hu additionally says workforce worries are growing as more office tasks can be performed through artificial intelligence and automation. Approximately 27% of jobs are at high risk of automation amid the AI revolution.

The rapid adoption, however, of artificial intelligence platforms such as ChatGPT will likely mean that as companies integrate this technology, about 40% of the global workforce will need to re-skill over the next three years. This was indicated in a recent study.

AI’s Impact on the Labor Market

Yang said that when he ran for president in 2020, he talked about the job loss, which he’s still very concerned about. He also stated that the IMF said about 40% of global jobs could be affected. He criticized the effects on hundreds of millions of workers worldwide but aligned it with the effects in politics, saying it’s just the beginning.

Yang added that we are categorically not doing enough to prepare for AI and its impact on the labor market.

The former presidential candidate, moreover, was in South Carolina this week campaigning for Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips, who is running against President Biden in the presidential primary, and has also spoken about AI.

According to Philips,

“AI, my friends, we don’t have 100 years; we have months, if not just a couple of years at the most. I anticipated and am prepared for it, and I will be our first AI president,” he said to a crowd in New Hampshire.

Phillips has also promised to assemble an AI “task force” to study its applications and outcomes.

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