The USB-C Port Takes Center Stage – iPhone 15

The USB-C Port Takes Center Stage – iPhone 15

Apple has launched the iPhone 15, one of the most anticipated smartphone series of the year.

Along with many changes and updates in the new series, the tech giant added extra color to the new animations, and the ‘like’ button for users of X (formerly known as Twitter) looks different, inspired by the theme color of the Apple event.

The first trillion-dollar company’s event was lined up with products including the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and more.

However, the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 15, remains at the center of attention as tradition continues.

Lightning port says good bye

The company has abandoned its exclusive Lightning Port on the new iPhone 15 series, but not by choice. Apple is known for unique aspects such as its operating system, internet browsing, and charging port as well.

However, the company has been forced to introduce USB-C, a common port used in most Android smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets these days.

The introduction of the common USB-C port in the brand new series means the Lightning Port makes way after eleven years since its first introduction in the iPhone 5, back in 2012, when it replaced the previous 30-pin dock connector.

The brand new iPhone 15 Pro comes with a titanium case and improved camera quality, as it includes a 48-megapixel main camera and a brighter display as well.

The iPhone 15 series offers consumers a choice between two sizes: 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

Traditional toggle turned into a versatile action button

Remarkably, the iPhone 15 Pro introduces a significant change as it replaces the traditional ringer toggle with a versatile action button, allowing users to customize it for various tasks.

Additionally, Apple has also introduced satellite roadside assistance, a game-changing feature that enables users to request vehicle help even without cellular service.

In partnership with AAA in the United States, this feature aims to enhance safety and convenience.

The iPhone 15 starts at a competitive $799, while the iPhone 15 Pro begins at $999. Both models are open for pre-orders starting Sept.15, with availability set for Sept. 22.

The cameras and USB-C port making impact

The launch of a new model of the iPhone is much more than just a new product launch in the market, as Apple dominates the smartphone market share worldwide with 28.39%.

The launch of a new model of the iPhone makes a buzz each year, and there is no exception this year either.

“The new cameras, the USBC, and the titanium body are great new stuff. Excited to hold the device in my hand,” tweeted a user, showing excitement.

The English Premier League India posted an epic fight between Pep Guardiola and Wayne Rooney for the ball, relating it to Apple’s shift to the USB-C port.

“Times change! 📱 Whenthen iPhone 4s debuted, it cost a whopping 650 BTC. Fast forward to the iPhone 15, and it’s just 0.035 BTC. A sign of Bitcoin’s journey and tech’s evolution,” wrote another X user.

“Fun fact: Since the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s new 5x telephoto lens is NOT variable, this means that it will have WORSE camera quality from 3x to 4.9x zoom range than the iPhone 15 Pro, and those looking for nice 3x portrait photos will be left disappointed,” YouTuber Vadim Yuryev showed skepticism over the camera.

Moreover, another X user, Alvin, claims that Apple has done misleading marketing about a 2x “telephoto camera” with “optical quality” on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus.

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