TikTok Developing AI Voice-Cloning Feature

TikTok Developing AI Voice-Cloning Feature

TikTok is reportedly developing a groundbreaking AI-powered feature that instantly lets users clone their voices. This innovative technology is set to revolutionize how users create content on TikTok. 

TheSpAndroid found some code strings in the most recent app version, indicating that TikTok is working on an AI voice feature.

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References to the feature on the website, including “TikTok Voice Library” and “Create your voice with AI,” may indicate that TikTok has not yet given the feature a name. It could view the terms and conditions for “TikTok Voice Library” and navigate to the initial user interface.

TikTok’s new AI voice-cloning feature

The outlet shared an alleged screenshot of the feature, showing that you can clone your voice in TikTok videos. Make an AI rendition of your voice in ten seconds or less! The screenshot says, “You can use it with text-to-speech in TikTok videos.”

According to the screenshot, TikTok will process a voice recording to create your AI voice. All you need to do is record your voice using the user interface and read some text that the app provides. Although no text was visible, hitting the record button by hand produced an error, and no voice samples could be made.

You can remove the AI voice you create from the voice library at any time, keeping it private and stopping other people from using it in their work. With text-to-speech assistance, users only need to record their voice once to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) voice in videos.

How it will operate

Users will be shown a screen where TikTok displays some text, and they will have to press the record button while reading it after accepting the terms and conditions. Errors can also be seen when you manually press the record button and say random things. Therefore, submitting any voice samples it has produced for comparison with those of other voice cloning competitors is also not feasible. If it ever gets to work, it will process your recorded voice and create an artificial intelligence (AI) version of your voice. 

However, the assumption is that users will only need to clone their voices once when the feature launches. They will be able to use the saved AI voice to add voice to their videos using the text-to-speech feature. You are free to choose; you only need to type the words. 

From the voice library in the TikTok app, you can remove your created AI voice at any time. It will stay private, ensuring that no one abuses your voice. However, as of this writing, information regarding the feature’s official launch has yet to be available.

Not to be forgotten, TikTok recently requested user support because the most recent bill may cause it to cease operations in the United States. The company continues experimenting with new features in its app despite the competition it faces in its largest market.

In a recent development, the revised divest-or-ban bill was voted on by the House of Representatives 360 to 58, potentially resulting in the first-ever law to shut down a social media platform entirely in the United States.

The bill is expected to be voted on by the Senate next week, and Biden has indicated that he will sign it into law.

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